Review: Belvedor and the Four Corners by Ashleigh Bello

24665453Belvedor and the Four Corners (The Belvedor Saga #1) by Ashleigh Bello
Publication Date: 
December 17th 2014
Rating: 3 Stars
Young Adult, Fantasy
Goodreads | Amazon
Goodreads Summary
Curiosity consumes a young slave as she uncovers the enchanted history of her dark world, jeopardizing her life’s goal of earning citizenship and leaving the treacherous City of the Four Corners behind. In this bewitching new fantasy series, join seventeen-year-old Arianna Belvedor in her fight for liberty and her quest to discover the meaning of magic.

Eventually, she’ll find that there are only two paths: WIN or DIE. Whichever her fate, freedom is certain.

I received a copy of the eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

An exciting fantasy debut packed with plenty of twists and turns that succeeds in keeping readers on the edge of their seats and engaged in the story from start to finish. 

The story focuses on freedom and in The Four Corners the only way one can gain their freedom is through a brutal fight to the death known as the Free Falls. Arianna has spent her life training for these games but a fight with a highly skilled enemy jeopardizes her opportunity. However, this does not deter her as Arianna and her companions are determined to free themselves from slavery and uncover the mysteries behind the magic of this world.  It’s hard to talk about the plot without revealing spoilers but the development of this story does a great job at unraveling the mysteries of the world and gives us a strong understanding of the mechanisms and complexities of the Four Corners. 

We are also treated to a wonderful cast of characters in this book. We have Arianna, the warrior who has been thrust into this magical world for her search for freedom. Accompanying her on this journey are Lessa, Jeom, and Demetrius; all of whom have harnessed their own skills. The character dynamics were fun in this book but unfortunately I struggled to fully emotionally connect with the characters. That might be due to the slightly cheesy dialogue that made the characters feel a lot younger than they were. At times it also felt like Lessa and Arianna were one and the same. Yes, they strive for the same goal and harness different abilities but sometimes it felt like I was reading about the same character. Nonetheless, this books serves as a great introduction to these characters and hopefully we can delve into the complexities of the characters and explore the different dynamics as we continue on this journey. 

Overall this was a great introduction to the Belvedor Saga. The world building was intricately developed and complex, the characters were enjoyable and hopefully we can learn more about them in the next installment. 


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