January Wrap Up 2020

January is a strange month. A new year, new you, they say, but I find that January is more like limbo. You’re still recovering from the festivities but forced back into a daily routine when all you want is to continue indulging and searching for adventures. January is limbo.

I hope that didn’t sound too gloomy, so let’s talk good news. I finished Beartown. I laughed, I cried, I raged, and I both love and hated the occupants of Beartown. There is a lot to say about this gorgeous book, so watch out for my review.

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January was also the month I decided to catch up on my movies. After the disappointment that was Rise of Skywalker, I found myself going through Adam Driver’s catalogue of films, and let me tell you, that man is one of the most compelling actors I’ve ever come across. There’s subtle complexity in every performance that’s captivating.

On the blogging front, we had more of the usual mix of books, TV, and film talk. Here’s what I got up to. Continue reading

December Wrap Up 2019

Goodbye 2019, and welcome 2020. I can’t quite believe that we’re entering a new decade. It’s all a bit bizarre. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful festive holiday and that you’re welcoming in 2020 with a smile on your face. 

December has well and truly come and gone, and with the feasting and merriment comes a time of reflection and aspirations for the new year. I, on the other hand, feel like I need a holiday to recover from the holiday. Christmas was a relaxed event, but over the festive period, you tend to get a lot of visitors, meaning you never really stop playing host. Now, it’s back to the daily grind of work, and the festive period went by so fast it doesn’t even feel like we’ve entered a new year, let alone a new decade.

Nevertheless, Christmas gave me a chance to catch some films and indulge in the internet’s latest obsession, The Witcher. I’m already adding it to my ‘best of 2019’ list because it was such a fun show to watch. The fantasy elements are so well done, the banter between certain characters is brilliant, and there is so much potential in this franchise. So, if you haven’t done so already, go watch The Witcher, even if it’s just to listen to Jaskier’s wonderful songs.

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November Wrap Up 2019

Apologies for the very late wrap-up. The month is flying by and I have no idea where 2019 has gone.

So, I completed my mission and I can finally say that I have read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. In what is my first review in months, I’ve spotlighted the pros and cons of the series, but I definitely think this is a series that’s worth reading.

Beyond that, November was a relatively quiet month. I tried to be organised and get a head start on my Christmas shopping and failed miserably at that. However, now that we’re in the most wonderful time of year, my festive spirit is soaring amid the chaos.

Nevertheless, here is what I got up to on the blog in November. Continue reading

October Wrap Up 2019

October feels like it’s come and gone in the blink of an eye, hence this late wrap-up. Nevertheless, October did have some bright spots.

To start, I finally passed my driving test. This was one of the biggest goals for 2019 and I am so proud of myself for passing. It’s been a long time coming, but I am definitely enjoying the freedom that comes with having my own car.

I also kept my reading momentum going by starting and finishing the second instalment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Two Towers. Now that I am familiar with Tolkien’s style of writing, I find that I enjoyed the second book a lot more than the first. If all goes to plan I should finish the third book in November and by then, I’ll be able to write a coherent review on the series.

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On the blog, I’m trying to be a bit more active. I’m fairly consistent in my posting, but there are other elements that I can improve on. I’ve also decided to upgrade my WordPress plan and might tweak a few things in the design and layout, but it won’t be anything too drastic. In the meantime, here is what I got up to in October.
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September Wrap Up 2019

Another month flying by and soon enough the year will be out. So, what did I get up to in September? Well, to start I finished another book, Fellowship of the Ring, and it’s quite the experience. Part of why I enjoyed the book is because I could have fun with it. I’m a massive fan of the Lord of the Rings film franchise, so I love seeing how the film deviates from the books. However, it’s interesting to note that I doubt I would have enjoyed the books so much if I hadn’t already seen the films.

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In other news, September was the month I finally treated myself to a holiday. For a quick city break, I headed out to Prague and it was so much fun. A much-needed break in a city full of culture and good vibes.

However, September ended on quite the sad note as I lost one of my cats. It’s never easy to lose a pet, especially one that has been by your side since you were 10 years old. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done, but she passed away at home with the family next to her, and she had a good 15 years of life.

I wasn’t as active on the blog for reasons noted above, but I needed to take a little blogging break, and now I have a head full of blog posts that need writing. Here is what I got up on the blog in September. 

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August Wrap Up 2019

Goodbuy summer sunshine. Hello, comfy clothes, boots, and the crisp autumnal air. I am the type of person that like my season in order so I am more than happy to welcome this new season, despite the fact I’ll miss my evening walks.

Looking back, August turned out to be a very busy month. I had a couple of reunions with old friends, attended village shows, work events, and a bunch of other random events throughout August. It was a fun month, for the most part, and the weather was glorious for most of it. 

So, what’s been happening on the blog? I was surprised to find I’d written so many TV and film posts, but that is reflective of the fact that I’m still not reading as much. That’s not to say I’m not reading because I have made a lot of progress on the Lord of the Rings book. As many of you may know, the Lord of the Rings movie franchise is my all-time favourite. I grew up with the franchise yet I had never read the books as an adult. It’s quite fun reading them because I like seeing how the films deviated from the books.

Nevertheless, August wasn’t a bad blogging month and here is a summary of what I got up to.

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July Wrap Up 2109

In my head, 2018 was only last month. How are we now closer to Christmas? This is unacceptable. So, reading has been at a minimum this month, and I’ve taken to trying to fit in a chapter or a short story during my lunch break, but it’s easier said than done. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying the little snippets I am reading and that’s what really matters.

So, as is usually the case when I’m not reading, I’ve been catching up on my TV and Films. I recently finished watching The Boys on Amazon Prime and it was brilliant. Watch this space for my TV Talk on that show. I also got caught up in the San Diego Comic-Con craze and the announcements that came from it has me excited. 

When it comes to life news, there’s not much to report really. I’m still working most days, but I was struck down by a 24-hour bug last week that knocked me. Fun fact, I’ve not been sick for over 10 years, so this was definitely a shock to the system. Beyond that, I’ve just been trying to hold on to my sanity as work is crazy busy at the moment, but at least it makes the day go faster.

I also completely forgot about my 4 year anniversary in the blogosphere. It’s strange to think that there was a time I was without a blog as it’s become such a staple in my life. So, a big THANK YOU to everyone that has ever visited, commented, and followed me here at My Midnight Musing. You guys are rockstars. Without further ado, here is a summary of what I got up to on the blog in July.

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