Character Spotlight: Peeta Mellark

character spotlight 2When I read a book I always find that there are one or two specific characters that stand out for me. Characters are often the subject of numerous discussions because through them we can essentially explore human nature. Some characters are defined by their actions, thought and the part they play in the story. So, I thought why not shine a light on these characters and open up these discussions.

With the release of Mockingjay Part 2 I thought Peeta Mellark would be the perfect candidate for this feature. Personally, Peeta is my favourite character in this franchise and I think the reason behind this is because of his outlook on life. Here we have a character that has endured so much, even from before the games, and instead of succumbing to this bleak, pessimistic view of the world, he chooses to hope and believe that a better future awaits them. Continue reading