Bookish Pet Peeves: Book Covers

In general, the book synopsis is the make or break moment for me when buying new books. However, I’m not going 11808950to lie and more often enough I do gravitate towards books that have awesome covers.

Let’s be real. When you’re looking for a new book in a bookshop the book cover is the first thing we see and our initial reaction usually derives from the book cover. So when I’m looking for a book, I don’t particularly like covers that feature a book model that’s dramatically looking at the camera. Example A – The Sweet Trilogy covers.

There are several reasons why I don’t like this trend. First of all, when I’m reading I like being able to create my own perception and image of the characters; that’s why I don’t fancast because I have already created an image of my own. So when I look at a cover that features the broody looking cover model my perception is immediately being influenced and I don’t get the chance to create a complete image of my own because all I see is the cover model. It’s not fun.
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Bookish Pet Peeves: The Love Triangle

love_triangleLois vs The Love Triangle

To me I’ve always found the love triangle to be the most overused trope in Young Adult fiction. Usually you find these in a series and it’s often used as a means of creating drama and as a plot device.

hate this trope. For me one of the most enjoyable aspects of reading is being able to watch how two characters progress in their relationship from beginning to end. Watching them struggle, communicate and tackle any obstacles that come their way is something I find very organic in any relationship and in the end it only makes them stronger as a couple. To me I find that adding a third person into the equation only hinders the relationship and the characters in question. Continue reading