February Wrap Up 2021

I can’t quite believe just how fast Februry has gone. Granted, there are only 28 days in the month, but still, it felt like it came and went in the blink of an eye. I was hoping this wrap up would be my triumphant declatarion of a motivated and active blogger. Sadly, you’re getting the opposite. Nevertheless, February on a whole felt like a seemingly productive month in real life, and I’m quite proud of some of the things I accomplished or applied myself to. Unfortunately, that did mean that the blog took a back seat for much of February, but I did manage to write up a few posts that I’m proud of and would love to hear your thoughts on the posts. Here’s what I got up to in February.

Kathryn Hahn, forcément (#127) – Just One More Episode


TV & Film

February Highlights

Books: You know that reading high I felt at the end of December? Yeah, that’s gone. I’m making very slow progress with the City of Brass and I am enjoying it, but when you’re tired, finding that energy to just hold the book, let alone read it is tough. So, my solution to this slump? Read something different. Sometimes, you just need something fun and easygoing to get you back in the mood and Haikyu is both of those things. The manga’s Tokyo Expedition Arc is one of my favourites because you get so much individual growth as the Karasuno team go through the trials and tribulation of self and team development. This arc also gives the team a chance to interact with new characters and form new friendships and become stronger individuals.

kagehinaass | Haikyuu bokuto, Haikyuu akaashi, Haikyuu anime
Bokuto and Akaashi are two of my favourites. Their dynamic with Kuroo and Tsukishima is golden.

TV & Film: I have officially fallen into the Kdrama rabbit hole. After finishing Hospital Playlist, I’ve gone from a feel-good slice of life drama to an emotionally charged, intense, and surprisingly mysterious It’s Okay Not to Be Okay. Since I’ve not quite finished, I am curious to see how some unresolved questions affect the dynamic between the brothers and Ko Moon-young.

When it comes to movie-watching, I’ve not been as active. However, at long last, this girl finally watched Always Be My Maybe. This film is the type of romantic comedy I love. It’s not too cheesy or cringey and the humour is natural. On top of that, there are some great character moments and Keanu Reeves being the ultimate douche.

Music: I could go on about all the musical highlights of the month, but I think I’ll let the music do the talking and spotlight my most played album in February. be sure to give SUPER BEAVER a listen and let me know what you think.

Life: February well and truly passed in a blur. It felt like there was a lot happening and nothing at the same time. On the plus side, there are signs of spring in the air so here’s to longer days and clean fresh air. I can also proudly say that I am riding a 69 day streak on Duolingo, something I didn’t think was possible. Beyond that, it’s just been more of the daily grind.

Favourite Posts in February

Once again, I suck at blog hopping. Time literally got away from me in February, but here are some of the posts I read and love. Feel free to drop a link to a post your proud of.

March Plans

Again, still in lockdown so no plans. I’ll be attending more webinars at work and applying those skills to the workplace. Beyond that, just stay positive, stay healthy, and I’m really going to try and make more time to dedicate to the blog, but not pressure myself to write just for the sake of it.

Let’s Talk!
What did you get up to in February?
Got any plans for March?
What’s your latest obsession?

4 thoughts on “February Wrap Up 2021

  1. Reading slumps are the worst! The City of Brass is so good and I hope you kick the slump soon so you get to enjoy it. Congrats on the 69 day Duolingo streak, I can’t get more than a couple of days into a streak haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like I’ve been stuck in one for the past year and I cannot for the life of me break it.
      I was surprised I managed to reach that feat and that competition against myself to keep it going is so motivating haha.


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