TV Talk: All About Wandavision…and more.

Ever feel like you have too many options of shows to watch? Well, this girl has been in this weird state of limbo with her TV viewing. You see, there’s plenty to watch, but there’s nothing that’s standing out and willing you to watch the product. I believe, this is what we call a slump. Nevertheless, in my aimless wandering, there were a couple of standouts that are both compelling, familiar, and just fun to watch. Led by the game-changing (in an MCU context) Wandavision, here is what’s I’ve been watching recently.


Stay tuned for a full review once the season comes to a close, but Wandavision is the most investing show currently gracing the screens. The sitcom-like setting in the first couple episodes allowed Olsen and Bettany to showcase their comedy chops and the results are hilarious. However, beneath this cheery facade lies an eerie sense of foreboding that’s almost uncomfortable to watch at times. Five episodes in and viewers are aware that Wanda is at the centre of this bizarre world. What we don’t know it just how far her influence extends. The split narrative of life in the sitcom and life beyond is a welcome format as we slowly start to connect the dots between these connected realities. Overall, Wandavision is a welcome change of pace to the Marvel formula and is one that is both refreshing and unpredictable.

Kuroko’s Basketball (Season 1)

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An easy indulgence for someone that has a weakness for sports anime. When Kuroko appeared on Netflix, I jumped at the chance to watch it. The beauty of sports anime is how they spotlight the commitment of improving yourself. While some characters show a level of unearthly skill in the sport, they still have their flaws, whether it be their ego, selfishness, or underestimating the underdog, every character has something to improve on. Following that journey, in all of its setbacks and conflict, is endearing and relatable, but there’s also plenty of lighthearted banter and shenanigans that will make you laugh.

Attack on Titan (Season 3)

Attack on Titan is one of the most messed up and brutally addictive anime to ever grace our screens. The third season finally takes is back to where it started, Shiganshina, as we get closer to unearthing the answers hidden in the basement of Eren’s family home. Answers that have grave consequences, shaking the very foundation of the world they thought they knew. However, this season goes beyond the man-eating titan conflict by placing a heightened focus on the dark political conflict emerging within the walls. With the scout regiment coming closer to uncovering the truth long hidden about the political leadership of this world, they place a target on their backs. What follows is a bloody battle that pits humans against one another, and a game-changing revelation that steers changes the nature of their world. The animation in the third season is equally as engaging, heightening the sense of urgency in Erwin, Levi, and the scouts’ mission, and the devastating consequences that follow.

Levi fans are also in for a treat. His role in this season is heightened and layered, reminding everyone why he’s the most valuable player! However, while prior season places a strong emphasis on taking down the Titans, the third season takes a character-driven approach. With this, viewers are treated to an intimate insight into the people, experiences, and dreams that shaped their character.

The Serpent

For some reason, the world is fascinated by true crime stories. So much of the content produced is based on true events of the lives of these horrid people. The Serpent is a dramatised series on the crimes of serial killer Charles Sobhraj, who targeted tourists from 1975 – 1976. The show started slow, with the back and forth between timelines often feeling muddled and halted the building sense of tension. However, there’s an addictive quality to the cat and mouse chase between Sobhraj and the Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg, with Sobhraj evasiveness proving to be a frustrating challenge in the pursuit of justice.

What have you been watching?
Got any recommendations?

7 thoughts on “TV Talk: All About Wandavision…and more.

  1. I’m a huge MCU fan, but Wandavision is honestly a little too creepy for me! I’m definitely going to watch it all when the series wraps up, but as of now the not-knowing what’s actually going on kind of freaks me out! 😅

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  2. i watched the first episode of wandavision with my bf and we agree that it’s a bit boring and slow. however, i did enjoy the comedy and i saw a lot of ppl saying that you have to push through and it will get so much better on later episodes, so i think i’ll give it a try one more time!

    other shows that i’ve been watching is brooklyn 99. it was quite upsetting that it’s going to be the last season, so i tried to cheer myself up a bit by re-watching the early seasons!

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    1. I definitely recommend pushing through it. The first couple of episodes are slow, but it hits the ground running from about episode 4, and you get a better idea of what’s going on.

      I think I’m one of the few people that’s yet to jump on the Brooklyn 99 bandwagon. Maybe now that it’s finishing, it’ll compel me to watch it haha.


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