Midnight Music: Weekly Playlist #1

Music is a staple in everyone’s life. Whether it’s through the radio, Spotify, YouTube, or even at the supermarkets, there’ll be music playing in the background. So, why not spotlight the artists and songs that put a spring in your step or touch your soul. Here are five artists that have recently topped my most played list.


SPYAIR kept me sane during the firebreak lockdown. This band caught my attention after a song of theirs was featured in the opening credits of Haikyuu, and I could not get it out of my head. Since then, I’ve been making it a priority to listen to their extensive music catalogue that will get your feet tapping and body rocking. This Japanese pop/rock band also has a great set of live performances available, which, in some cases, are better than the studio versions. Plus through them, I’m picking up some Japanese.

Must Listen: 0-Game | Stand By Me (live acoustic) | Liar | Some Like it Hot (Samurai Heart)

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Blossoms are one of the best British bands that have a massive following yet never seem to crack mainstream media. Their songs are groovy, melodic, and catchy, and they’ve got something for every mood. Their music is an ultimate pick me up. The goal for next year is to finally get to see them in concert if we’re allowed to, that is.

Must Listen: Charlamange | Falling For Someone | Stranger Still | Cool Like You

Mallory Knox

Credit must be given to my brother for introducing me to this band. Sadly, they’ve since disbanded, but their music is the kind of rock that makes me smile. While there’s some great instrumentals, the real beauty is how they give weight to the lyrics. Too often does rock come across as a genre that serves to get people jumping and nothing more, but Mallory Knox have a way with lyrics that takes you on a journey. Within an average of 4-5 minutes Mallory Knox presents a song that lyrically takes you on a story while using the instrumentals and vocals to convey the emotion.

Must Listen: 1949 | She Took Him To The Lake | When are We Waking Up | Ghost in the Mirror


Another staple to my daily mix, Hozier is my go-to zen zone. His voice is utterly captivating, and his range is incredible. His songs are haunting, with the instrumentals working in tandem with his voice to create a plethora of songs full of power, yet hold a sensitivity in the lyrics. Hozier is a must-have on any playlist.

Must Listen: Strike | Movement | Bones (with Maren Morris) | Sunlight

RADWIMPS (Your Name Soundtrack)

Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) is one of the most engaging anime films ever. The artwork is visually striking and boasts a story that is moving, playing on the themes of life and fate. Part of what makes this movie such a hit is its soundtrack. The score is up there with the best as it perfectly captures the emotion of the scene. With effective composition, RADWIMPS perfectly captures the longing, the sadness, desperation, and hope of two souls that are bound to one another by fate.

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Must Listen: Goshintai | Date | Katawaredoki

Who are your go-to artists?
Do you create your own playlists?

8 thoughts on “Midnight Music: Weekly Playlist #1

  1. I’ve been having a really hard time with my usual playlists lately, so I’ve been listening to a lot of those lofi/study music. It’s been helping to calm me down. I only recognize Hozier from this list and I like Hozier’s music. I’ll bookmark this post to add to my Spotify later! But I love this feature and can’t wait for you to share more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lofi/study music is so relaxing and if you like that, you’d love the RADWIMPS soundtrack to Your Name. Hozier is a favourite of mine, but Blossoms has something for everyone and you can just vibe to their music.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I knew I’d get the approval for featuring Hozier. His voice just makes me happy. I feel like since I’m lacking in content in every other aspect, I might as well spotlight my fave tunes. Definitely got more of these lined up.

      Liked by 2 people

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