Discussion: How to Motivate Yourself to Read

So, you’ve just finished a book. Did it excite you? or was it disappointing? Did it lead to the dreaded reading slump? Sometimes, it’s hard to motivate yourself to read a book. Reading, for all its benefits, also requires a degree of concentration that, on some days, you can’t find. So, how do you go about motivating yourself to read again? This post will spotlight small and, simple methods that will boost your motivation to read.

Pick The Book.

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One of the toughest challenges is picking which book to read. If you’re a mood reader, it’s hard to gauge your mood and often spend more time choosing the book than you do reading. So, how do you go about choosing your next read? Make a list. Have a little bit of everything on the list and start that process of elimination. Be ruthless with your decisions. If there’s one book that stands out, grab it. Don’t think about the what-ifs or get caught up by the shiny new books, go for the one that stands out first, even if it’s the book cover that grabs your attention. The hardest part about starting a new book is in the choice. Once that’s out of the way the, you’re should feel excited and energised to get to it.

Get Hyped

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So, you’ve picked your book? Now, you got to get yourself hyped up. Why? Because now you’ve chosen the book you can remind yourself of all the reasons you wanted to read it in the first place. Now, this might not be for everyone but check out reviews, spoiler-free ones of course, that will fuel that excitement. Better yet, why not tune into author features. These interviews can give readers a better understanding of the writing process and the inspiration behind the book. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing an author’s passion for their work. It’s the best way to sustain that mood to read before you read it.

Get Cosy

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So, you’ve got a book. Now, you need to get cosy. Create that perfect reading space to ensure maximum comfort that’s free of distractions. Grab a blanket, get some snacks, cause you know you’re going to need comfort food, and have a cup of tea/coffee at hand. Get everything ready before you sit down to read. There’s nothing more satisfying than creating that perfect reading space that will amplify your motivation to read.

Put the Phone Away

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The phone is the worst distraction you could have. How many times have you gone to read a book only to quickly check Twitter or Instagram and then waste those precious hours glued to the phone? It’s the biggest demotivator out there. The best advice? Put the phone out of reach. If it needs charging, charge it in another room. Get rid of that temptation to quickly check your feed because you will fall down that same old rabbit hole. It’s a habit that needs to break, and the best way to do it is to adapt the out of sight out of mind philosophy so you can focus solely on the book.

My Current Reads

How do you motivate yourself to read?
What are you currently reading?

8 thoughts on “Discussion: How to Motivate Yourself to Read

  1. Oh I love this so much! I feel like I more often than not, especially lately with so much to do and so little time, let myself get distracted way too easily to really pick up my read and FOCUS on it. It’s all about taking the time to create that perfect little nook for me so I can get into it! ❤

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