Top Ten Tuesday: Halloween Book, TV & Film Recommendations

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and Bookish and hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl where we get a new topic for a top 10 list.

In these strange times, Halloween won’t follow the usual set up. However, even if celebrations are on hold, there are plenty of other means to get into that spooky feeling. Between thrilling and atmospheric books, harrowing TV shows and entertaining movies, there are plenty of materials available to get you in that mood. Here are my Halloween recommendations.


1. Jade City by Fonda Lee: Anyone that wants to feel the adrenaline you get from the most thrilling rollercoaster needs to read this book. It will have you hooked from the first page and keep you on the edge of your seats to the very end. Janloon is a city that’s on the brink of war, and the consequences are devastating. Jade City has some of the best action sequences and magic system that I’ve ever read, but the heart of this story lies in the Kaul siblings, each fighting the burden of expectation and longing for peace. Halloween is the perfect time to read this thrilling novel.

2. Harrow Lake by Kat Ellis: If you’re looking for something that dives deeper into horror, then look no further than Harrow Lake. This book is full of mysteries as our lead character, Lola finds herself in a town with plenty of character, haunting tales, and occupants haunted by their past. It’s a book that will keep you up at night.

3. The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo: The beauty of fairy tales is in losing ourself in their magical atmosphere. This collection of tale’s set in Bardugo’s Grishaverse is both haunting and imaginative with unpredictable twists that have a constant sense of dread to them. Accompanying the tale’s are a series of stunning illustrations that immerse readers in this captivating world.

TV Shows

1. The Haunting of Hill House & Bly Manor: Depending on your tolerance of horror, Hill House and Bly Manor are both brilliant stories that are, at times, terrifying but have rich character. Bly Manor lies on the softer side of horror and is a lot more romantic that Hill House, but equally as compelling. Hill House, on the other hand, focuses on sibling dynamics and how their experiences as kids in the terrifying Hill House shaped them as adults, forcing them to confront their greatest fear. Both shows will have you cowering behind pillows, but the cast performance and the storytelling is brilliant for this spooky season.

2. Grimm: You can’t go wrong with a show influenced by the tales of old. Grimm is a show that brings creatures from all around the world to modern-day Portland. With a strong cast and an intricate plot threaded between the case of the week episodes, Grimm is a brilliant supernatural drama you can enjoy this autumn.

3. Castlevania: Halloween is a fitting opportunity to watch one of the most compelling narratives surrounding the notorious vampire, Dracula. In three seasons, Castlevania takes us through a whirlwind of action and darkness. In a world full of monsters, it’s perhaps unsettling to find that the greatest threat comes from humans themselves. This show does not hold back on the violence and drama, plunging us to a world of darkness and despair.


1. A Quiet Place: If you want to watch a film that will have you at the edge of your seats, A Quiet Place is the one for you. It’s a movie that utilises the impact of sound, or lack of, as a means of building tension. It’s a film that proves that you don’t need dialogue-heavy scripts to create a compelling story and will give you quite the scare at times.

2. Parasite: This movie is a masterpiece in storytelling. However, it’s also an incredibly haunting movie, one that takes a surprisingly sinister turn that is both deceitful and claustrophobic. Yes, the movie is humorous and visually striking, but beyond that, Parasite is a film that perfectly dissects the intricate conflict of the social hierarchy.

3. Knives Out: For those of you looking for a fun take on the classic who-dun-it trope, I highly recommend Knives Out. It’s literally like a game of Cluedo come to life, just a little bit quirkier and a whole lot of fun. The cast is the real stars of this film, but the intricacy of the plot is equally as gripping. It’s a brilliant film for those cold autumnal nights.

What are your Halloween recommendations?

34 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Halloween Book, TV & Film Recommendations

    1. I watched both Haunting shows with my mother and the first one had me jumping out of my skin. Bly Manor has spooky moments but has a greater focus on the love story. I was surprised at Parasite’s sinister turn, but it was so beautifully developed from start to finish.


    1. haha Parasite is doable, it’s tense more than spooky, but there was one freaky moment. Knives Out is such a brilliant alternative to the usual horror films people watch on Halloween.


    1. The Language of Thorns was so beautifully written and illustrated, but also so dark. Knives Out is such a brilliant film to watch and it looked like the cast had so much fun filming it too.


  1. I rewatched Knives Out this month and it’s perfect for fall! And I think Language of Thorns is a wonderful Halloween recommendation that I wouldn’t have immediately thought of ☺ Ahhh I tried to watch The Haunting of Hill House this month but it was too scary for me, since I have a very low tolerance for horror. Maybe I’d have better luck with Bly Manor?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was surprised by how dark The language of Thorns was and there were some illustrations that really freaked me out in it haha. I use to watch a lot of horror films, but have since turned into a bit of a wimp, but Hill House has such amazing family dynamics. Better to watch it in daylight though. Bly Manor is more romantic than horror.


  2. I’m currently watching Bly Manor but it kinda spooked me out when I was watching it alone at night. So I need to wait for day time lol I loved A Quiet Place, I can’t wait for the sequel to finally come out. I actually wasn’t a fan of Parasite or Knives Out (I DNF’d Knives Out lol). But I’m glad you enjoyed those more than me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That I can relate to. The first couple episodes really freaked me out haha. The sequel for A Quiet Place 2 is my most anticipated for next year. I can see why some wouldn’t enjoy both those films. The intensity of Parasite can be a bit much,


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