Midnight Movies: Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes is a refreshing take on the mythos of Sherlock and his family. Based on the books, Enola Holmes sees the youngest sibling in the Holmes family embark on a most personal case after their mother disappears. It’s not a groundbreaking concept, but its execution gives life to an unconventional and upbeat contribution to the Holmes catalogue.

Millie Bobby Brown is the clear star of this film. As the charming Enola Holmes, Brown shines as the energetic little sister set on solving the case, and in doing so, opening herself up to the world before her, proving to her brothers and viewers that there is a place for this energetic, practical thinking, most “unladylike” woman. Brown’s portrayal of Enola Holmes was both refreshing and charming. 

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So, where does the legendary detective fit in this story? Cavill’s take on the legendary Sherlock Holmes diverges from the cold, calculated demeanour we’re so used to seeing. This iteration is without a doubt the most emotionally conscious Sherlock to have graced the screen, which is quite refreshing and fitting for the tone of this film. It might be Cavill himself, but Sherlock is quite the charmer. 

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However, we cannot forget about Mycroft, who, in some ways, serves as the antagonist of the film, out to thwart Enola’s search for their mother and turn her into a civilized lady. Failing to understand or embrace Enola’s eccentricities, Mycroft is a thorn in Enola’s side, determined to school her in the art of being a lady. Sam Claflin is brilliantly unlikeable in this role, and the dynamic between him and Cavill’s Sherlock is a highlight. The chemistry between both actors is palpable demonstrating their detachment by personality, but acceptance as brothers. 

Many may write this film off as unremarkable or lacking in substance but, in a world that’s even more confusing than usual, Enola Holmes succeeds in providing a feel-good escape from the woes of the world and is a brilliant introduction to what can be a highly entertaining franchise.

What did you think of Enola Holmes?

17 thoughts on “Midnight Movies: Enola Holmes

  1. I was just informed about this a couple weeks back, but did you know that the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate is sueing Netflix and the author of the book for copyright infringement? They didn’t get to keep the copyright for a lot of the Sherlock books, but a court back in the day let them have the later ones and apparently those were written after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had lost a lot of dear family and friends after the war and he had written Sherlock in a more emotional/approachable manner. They say that this “emotional approach” is not allowed to use and I think it’s RIDICULOUS!!! 100% looks like a cash grab on their end.

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    1. Only Cavill could pull this off and I hope we get to see more of his Sherlock in the sequel. It’s such an uplifting film, just what you need after a long week. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. I have been intrigued by this one ever since it was announced, especially by its relatively modern take on the character’s world and its upbeat style as you mentioned, but something about it made me less in a rush to check it out and it’s probably in the inevitable flaws that the story/pacing might have. It still sounds pretty good though! Excellent thoughts on this one, Lois. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. It’s such a refreshing take on the Sherlock lore, one that makes a change from the moody broody vibe you usually get haha. There are plenty of flaws in the story, but it makes for an easy watch or something to put on in the background.

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