September Wrap Up 2020

The nights are getting darker and I think everyone can agree that 2020 has been enough of a nightmare that we don’t need any more frights. The rest of this year is dedicated to all things warm and cosy, so here’s what I got up to in September.

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16th: Jade City by Fonda Lee

“a rich understanding of humanity, giving weight to the actions of our characters and the consequences of their choice,

Jade City is a thrilling and inventive fantasy that excels in balancing the elements of humanity, scope, and perspective.


TV & Film

Favourite Posts in September

September Highlights

Books – The book of the month (and possibly year) was Jade City. You may have noticed that I’ve been talking a lot about this book and with good reason. It’s one of the best fantasy novels I’ve ever read. It’s thrilling and daring with some of the most endearing characters I’ve ever met. The flawed complexity of the political, familial, and clan dynamics add layers of depth to this rich and magical world.

However, Jade City was not the only book I read this month. Harrow Lake was another book that caught my eye this month. It’s a perfect book to get you in that spooky season with an unreliable narrator making you question what’s real in this YA horror. You can expect a mini-review in the upcoming week as well as a special feature I was fortunate to host as part of libraries week at work.

TV & Movies – Admittedly, I’ve not been watching much TV recently. The one show I did binge was Unsolved Mysteries which an intriguing yet unsettling show as some cases were so horrific it makes my heart ache to think that the victim’s family and friends can’t get the closure they deserve. September was a much better month for films as this writer finally made the effort to watch films that have long been on the backlog of films I need to watch. The highlight being the surprisingly charming Enola Holmes.

enola holmes 2020 | Tumblr

Music – As my random playlist dictates, the most played album was Stevie Nicks’ Belladona. The album features one of my all time favourite duets in her collaboration with Don Henley for ‘Leather and Lace.’ It’s a song that just relaxes me with their harmonies. For background music, I’ve had the score for Princess Mononoke playing after watching the movie and remembering why it’s my favourite.

Life – September had plenty of adventures to look forward to as my brother and his dog were able to visit for the first time since Christmas. Naturally, I was the nominated chauffer so we had plenty of trips to stately gardens and the lake. It was good to catch up before things went crazy again.

October Goals

Since my county is now back in local lockdown, I have gone and embraced my inner old lady and am making an attempt to cross stitch. As a kid, my mam taught me all the stitches etc, but have since forgotten everything. It might take me a year to finish one, but it’ll be worth the wait…I hope.

Therefore, with no immediate plans chances are I’ll end up spending a lot of time on my Nintendo switch lite, so any game recommendations are welcome. 

Beyond that, it’s the usual work, home, read, blog, Netflix, and back to work.

What was your September highlight?
Any plans for October?

11 thoughts on “September Wrap Up 2020

    1. I refuse to acknowledge 2020 as a year. Everything has gone to pot, so I hope 2021 is kinder to us. I adored Jade City, though I’m terrified for my favourites in the sequel, but I can’t wait to read it.


  1. My September highlight was getting through all the Avatar comic books and reaching my goal of reading 25 books. And the biggest highlight was finishing the outline for my Nano story (which you are one of the few people who know I am even working on it or actually know what it’s truly about). As for October it’s to continue to prepare for Nano and work, and get through a few more books.

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