Midnight Movies: Assassin On the Run, Time-hopping Serial Killers, and Wedding Chaos

Midnight Movies

You would think with this lockdown there’d be more films on this weeks Midnight Movies recap. However, it seems that the glorious sunshine has kept us occupied with various tasks among the house. A statement that’s been uttered plenty of times, but now is well and truly the perfect time to catch up with your backlog of films and with the various streaming sites on hand, there’s no shortage of movies to choose from.

John Wick 3: Parabellum

Kicking things off with the most-wanted assassin, John Wick 3 once again upped the ante with its slick fight sequences and deeper understanding of the politics of the assassin underworld. Picking up where we left off, John’s time is running out as the bounty on his head comes into effect and he finds himself the number one target. We’re thrown right in the heart of the action as John races to get out of New York City. As is to be expected from a John Wick film, the choreographed sequences are nothing but breathtaking and incredibly immersive. However, what really defined this instalment of the John Wick franchise was gaining a further insight into the mechanisms of this organisation. The High Table made itself known as their agents are sent to punish those that previously aided John’s efforts. The consequences of these actions lead us to the concluding moments of the film which effectively sets up the next instalment as retribution is saught and tensions within the assassin community threaten to kick-start what will surely be a bloody and brutal civil war.

In the Shadow of the Moon

Average at best, this film started off well but lost its steam after the halfway mark. What started as a peculiar murder mystery case, quickly turned into a race against time as ambitious police officer Thomas Lockhart becomes fixated with a serial killer whose knowledge of past and future events defy all scientific understanding. Boyd Holbrook delivers a compelling performance, as Lockhart’s emotional investment proves to be the most engaging part of the film as his search for this killer consumes his life, isolating himself from his colleagues and his family. Where the film falls flat is in the motivation behind these killings. It’s easy enough to follow but doesn’t provide enough depth or sense of urgency to the cause.

Love Wedding Repeat

Netflix has well and truly embraced the resurgence of romantic comedies. Love Wedding Repeat is their latest addition to their extensive romcom catalogue, and with a stellar cast led by the always charming Sam Claflin, this film takes us through the what-ifs and the consequences of choice and fate. It’s a film of two halves as the chaos of the wedding reception proves to be the most entertaining disaster. The cast does a good job with the material they’re given, and the dynamic between them was the saving grace of this film, but the overall plot was incredibly generic. Don’t expect this film to be hailed among the classics, but if you’re looking for a quick and easy watch, this is the one for you.

Have you seen any of these films?
What’s on your watch-list?


6 thoughts on “Midnight Movies: Assassin On the Run, Time-hopping Serial Killers, and Wedding Chaos

  1. Glad to see how much you enjoyed John Wick 3! I loved it as well and I can’t wait for the next movie and TV series. So much potential in that franchise but hopefully they won’t over-milk it! 😮 I was also curious about In the Shadow of the Moon but in the end I was sort of convinced that it wouldn’t be more than average. Hope you get to watch more awesome movies in the second half of April! Thanks for sharing! 😀

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    1. The choreography in the fight scenes always strikes me. Only Keanu Reeves could pull it off haha. I had no idea they were making a TV show out of the franchise. In the Shadow of the Moon is definitely average, good for a background film.

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