TV Talk: Dark Side of the Ring “Benoit”

Dark Side of the Ring (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDbDark Side of the Ring “Benoit”
Creator: Evan Husney, Jason Eisener
Narrator: Chris Jericho
Finding truth at the intersection of fantasy and reality in the veiled world of professional wrestling.
In 2007, wrestling superstar Chris Benoit murdered his wife Nancy and 7-year-old son Daniel, then ended his own life. Those closest to the tragedy have never spoken openly, until now.

The season 2 premiere of Dark Side of the Ring tackled one of the most tragic and complicated events in professional wrestling history. In 2007, the world woke up to the news that the once-beloved wrestler Chris Benoit had murdered his wife, Nancy, son, Daniel, and taken his own life. Since then, all memory of Benoit and his professional accomplishments have been wiped away from WWE’s archive. As Chris Jericho, a friend and colleague of Benoit states, his actions almost destroyed the very business he loved. This two-part documentary dives into the consequences of his actions as family, friends, and colleagues come together and provide a personal insight into the man they knew him to be and the lingering effect his actions have had on the family he left behind.

Part 1 documents the budding relationship between Chris and Nancy and while we see that their marriage was on the verge of collapse in the lead up to this tragedy, the show also spotlights Nancy’s own legacy in her role as a creative manager. Nancy’s name is synonymous with Benoit’s actions, but the tribute to the influence she had on the creative world of professional wrestling was one of the documentary’s more heartening moments.

The documentary also placed a heavy emphasis on the friendship between Benoit and the late Eddie Guerrero, who passed in 2005. The depth in the bond between these two individuals makes you feel like Guerrero was almost an extension of Benoit himself. In a heartbreaking account, Chavo Gerrero looks back on the day he discovered his uncle’s body, detailing Chris’s reaction to his death. It’s emotional to watch, but that account presented itself as a potential trigger for what followed as Benoit never recovered from the loss of his best friend, becoming more reserved and isolated from his friends, colleagues, and family.

In all the press coverage that followed this tragedy, there was one person who had been forgotten by the world. Someone, whose own life is defined by the consequences of this act, David Benoit. The son from Chris’ previous marriage and the innocent victim left to reconcile his father’s final action with the memory of the loving father he knew him to be. Haunted by his father’s actions, David also lost the family he had left as his relationship with his auntie, Sandra, Nancy’s sister, vanished following these events. The last five minutes of this documentary was incredibly moving as we see how in creating this documentary, David and Sandra, have the chance to rebuild their relationship and find solace as a family. Credit must be given to Chris Jericho and Chavo Guerrero who continued to support David when the rest of the world turned their back on them and helped unite a family torn apart by the actions of someone they loved.

This two-part documentary was tough to watch. They didn’t sugarcoat anything about this murder-suicide, and the sheriff’s account of his findings on that fateful day was uncomfortable and harrowing to watch. The truth is, there will never be a concrete explanation for his actions, and while the show looks at the steroid abuse and the alcoholism, one positive in all this is how it emphasises the impact this tragedy had on the discussion on CTE, a neurodegenerative disease that opened the sporting industry to a wider conversation about the long-term effects of CTE.

This is not a documentary that glorifies the actions of a murderer. Instead, its an intimate account of the lives touched by this horrible event. As dark as the documentary it, it does not vilify professional wrestling but reminds us of how this form of sports entertainment can be used as a way of uniting people that have been torn apart by a heinous act.

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10 thoughts on “TV Talk: Dark Side of the Ring “Benoit”

  1. WE JUST TALKED ABOUT WRESTLING!!! I don’t know if this documentary would really be for me though haha I can see the appeal, but maybe I should start with something lighter to ease myself into the topic matter some more. I honestly didn’t even know there was a season 1 of this … *hides*

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    1. The timing of all of this is trippy cause me and my brother were talking about wrestling the other day and we watched an episode of AEW, a new rival to WWE and it got me thinking that while it gets a lot of flack but when done right some of the narrative threads they weave into the matches and build over months is actually really creative.

      Rambling over, I only recently discovered this series and this episode, in particular, hit me hard cause Guerrero and Benoit were both staples of my childhood essentially and I remember the absolute shock of the Benoit murder-suicide case. It was brutal, and this personal insight from the family’s family and friends was so moving.

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        1. It’s weird. It’s like a combination of nostalgia and having that “adult” persepctive of the business and it has me intrigued cause essentially it’s just another form of storytelling.

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  2. Oh man, I remember Chris Jericho’s name back in high school when my friends who were into wrestling talked about it all so much but… damn… I didn’t know about this story actually and your thoughts on this one have definitely made me intrigued. The darker the story, the better. 😀 Thanks for sharing, Lois! 😮

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    1. If there’s anything that can be taken away from this, it’s that Chris Jericho is actually the biggest darling in the world. His support for the family after the tragedy was so lovely.
      It’s such a dark cloud in wrestling history though and the details they shared about everything leading up to the murder-suicide was really horrifying to watch. It’s definitely worth it though because I don’t think you’ll ever get as personal an insight into the moment than in this documentary.

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    1. It was a combination of things. CTE was the biggest trigger, but there was also alcohol and drug abuse and Guerrero’s death kind of triggered the start of his downfall.

      I was gutted by how the Undertaker’s streak ended.


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