TV Talk: Of Strangers, Vikings, and Psychological Warfare.

It’s official, the world has gone mad. It seems like our lives are revolving around this latest crisis, but we’re not here to talk about that. Instead, this post is spotlighting some of the most addictive shows you can and should binge. The quality of our TV shows is on a whole new level of epic, and if you’ve not already seen these shows, then I suggest you add them to your watchlist immediately.

Vikings (Season 6A)

In their final season, Vikings continue to build up towards an explosive end for the sons of Ragnar. With some shocking development and plenty of continuous tension, Vikings are laying the groundworks for a most fitting end to our beloved Vikings. This season, more than any other highlights the way Ragnar’s four sons embody the spirit of their father. Previous seasons have struggled with bringing them out of Ragnar’s shadow, but season 6 successfully establishes the sons as leaders in their own right. This is clearly evident in Bjorn’s struggle to understand and implement his own ideas of kingship, while Ivar, Ubbe, and Hvitserk undertake their own journeys.

Vikings wouldn’t be the show it is without the conflict between kin, brothers, and outside forces, and while Ivar’s time with the Rus prince Oleg has yet to find it’s true potential, it does culminate in an incredible battle in Vestfold. The strength of this battle sequence was reminding us that among the chaos and the violence, Ivar and Bjorn were at the heart of the conflict, providing intimate moments that culminated in one of the most shocking conclusions. As the first part of the season ends, we’re still left with some unanswered questions that will hopefully be explored in the latter half of the season. The mystery of Floki’s disappearance still lingers, the Anglo-Saxon’s have been surprisingly quiet, and while some fates are set in stone, it still remains unclear as to who will emerge victorious in what has been an explosive journey.

Mr Robot (Season 3)

If anyone wants a reference of Rami Malek’s skills as an actor, this is the show to watch. Mr Robot is a show that makes you question your own sanity. Nothing is ever as it seems, and the further we dive into Elliot’s psyche, the more we come to doubt the true motivations of this complex character. Season 3 is its best one yet as Elliot and Mr Robot find themselves on warring sides as the fallout of previous seasons continues to unravel and Elliot is pulled further into the clutches of the dark army. As always, you’re never too sure of what’s real and what isn’t. Elliot has always been the heart of the show and in this season, he is more isolated than ever. This sense loneliness is beautifully explored in episode 8 as Elliot’s depression leads him to contemplate suicide. Rami Malek’s emotional range is on full display in this episode, one that culminates in a beautiful moment between Elliot and a kid caught by the unforeseen consequences of the Dark Army’s actions. It’s this episode that reaffirms Elliots commitment to make amends and put his own mental health first, something that’s never been done so before. The supporting characters are equally as compelling as allies turn to foes and vice versa, but Elliot has always been the heart of this show.

The Pale Horse

Another BBC adaptation of an Agatha Christie classic. This two-part special is not their best, but it does succeed in creating a compelling mystery that evokes a haunting quality by utilising the role of the three psychics as our common denominator. It’s smartly crafted and a perfect watch if you’re looking for a short mystery to occupy the time.

The Stranger

Netflix’s adaptation of Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name, The Stranger upends the world of family man Adam (Richard Armitage) when a secret kick starts a change of events that changes the foundations of this community. Make no mistake, Richard Armitage must be given credit for his outstanding performance as the fallout of his wife’s secret leads him down a dangerous road. The beauty of Armitage’s performance lies in the way his entire body language subtly reflects Adam’s desperate search for answers following his wife’s disappearance. It’s an addictive show, one that ups the tension with every episode, culminating in a thrilling conclusion that has perilous consequences.

Have you seen any of these shows?
What have you been watching?

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