January Wrap Up 2020

January is a strange month. A new year, new you, they say, but I find that January is more like limbo. You’re still recovering from the festivities but forced back into a daily routine when all you want is to continue indulging and searching for adventures. January is limbo.

I hope that didn’t sound too gloomy, so let’s talk good news. I finished Beartown. I laughed, I cried, I raged, and I both love and hated the occupants of Beartown. There is a lot to say about this gorgeous book, so watch out for my review.

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January was also the month I decided to catch up on my movies. After the disappointment that was Rise of Skywalker, I found myself going through Adam Driver’s catalogue of films, and let me tell you, that man is one of the most compelling actors I’ve ever come across. There’s subtle complexity in every performance that’s captivating.

On the blogging front, we had more of the usual mix of books, TV, and film talk. Here’s what I got up to.

TV & Film
18th: Most Anticipated Movies of 2020
24th: Midnight MoviesAn Adam Driver Special

Top Ten Tuesday
7th: Most Anticipated Books From the First Half of 2020
21st: Most Recent Addition to my Bookshelf

Waiting on Wednesday
8th: More Than Just a Pretty Face
15th: Aurora Burning
22nd: If I Never Met You
29th: Forest of Souls

12: Best of 2019Books, TV, and Film

Favourite Posts From January

Krysta @ Pages Unbound asks if Librarians Neet to Be Readers.

Briana @ Pages Unbound predicts the trends we’ll see in book blogging this year.

Margaret @ Weird Zeal explains why she doesn’t buy books from Amazon.

Kate @ Reading Through Infinity spotlights her worst books read in 2019.

The 24hryabookblog spotlights YA books by authors of colour you may have missed.

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books provides 14 Young Adult book recommendations for winter.

Lashaan @ Bookidote discusses whether we should focus on Quality, Quantity, or Something Else when blogging.

Caz @ Let’s Go To The Movies spotlights her top 25 Male Performances in 2019.

Kat @ Life and Other Disasters spotlights her top 10 New TV Shows of 2019.

February Plans

Keep reading. It may have taken me a month and a half to finish Beartown, but the book also reminded me how much I love reading. Therefore, I want to keep the momentum going without putting too much pressure on myself to keep at it. So, I’ve made a start on Muse of Nightmares aka another one of my unfinished series, and we’re off to a promising start.

February is also a busy month for birthdays so there will be some celebrations and a reunion with a university friend to look forward to.

Besides that, just keep on smiling and stay motivated.

What was your highlight of the month?
Any February plans?


16 thoughts on “January Wrap Up 2020

  1. I feel you on the January is limbo theory, because that description certainly fits it better than an actual fresh start of … well, everything.
    I hope you really can keep that momentum going in terms of reading. I felt so much better reading more again than I did the past couple months 🙂 happy February! Hope you have fun at the birthdays and with the friend reunion. (also, thanks for sharing my post!! <3)

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    1. I still think we’re in 2019 most days haha.
      I am on a mission to finish at least one book a month. That is my goal for the year. Just gotta plough through. I actually forgot how much I enjoyed writing book reviews until I did the one for Beartown.

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  2. I am with you about January being a strange month. It’s so weird, it feels like we have to have everything sorted by January 1st but that’s not realistic, and it’s still holidays, so you have to recover still.

    I liked that you had a more relaxing month and gave in to movie. I am also trying to catch up on my movies. I still have to watch Rise of Skywalker but I’m in no rush, honestly. Nice idea going over Driver’s catalogue. I always say I need to do that with some actors but never finish. I’m very intrigued by Marriage Story, with him and Scarlett.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Most days I still think we’re in 2019. I’ve still not processed this whole new year thing haha.

      Adam Driver’s catalogue is phenomenal. He always gives a multi-layered portrayal of his characters and I always find them compelling. I loved Marriage Story.


  3. January like you said is always limbo as you know for me the first half of my January was kind of insane but things perked up right around my bday, and things are starting to get better. The highlight for me was one to finish our dark duet and to get my license and finish a shit ton of supernatural. February plans is to really get more reading done as well as writing, and finish up supernatural, which I do see happening. My goal was to finish by March I am definitely going to finish by then.

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  4. I hear you about Beartown, I’ve heard great things about it myself and wish to try it out someday. And yes, Mr. Driver sure does know what he’s capable of achieving as an actor! Hope he continues to dish out excellent movies (except Star Wars…).

    Thanks for the shoutout as well. Hope you’ll have a fantastic month of February. 😉

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    1. I rarely cry with books these days, but Beartown had me sobbing. Everything about it was so moving.

      Star Wars did Driver dirty!!! He gave so much to Kylo Ren and he deserved better than what he got. Adam Driver is always so layered in his performances. There will be an Oscar waiting for him soon.

      Hope February is off to a good start. 😀

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  5. Wow, the January is Limbo thing really hit me in the gut in the best of ways; I totally agree. It’s always weird for me because it’s also my birthday month, but usually I am stuck in the place between the rut I live in and who I hope to become.


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