December Wrap Up 2019

Goodbye 2019, and welcome 2020. I can’t quite believe that we’re entering a new decade. It’s all a bit bizarre. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful festive holiday and that you’re welcoming in 2020 with a smile on your face. 

December has well and truly come and gone, and with the feasting and merriment comes a time of reflection and aspirations for the new year. I, on the other hand, feel like I need a holiday to recover from the holiday. Christmas was a relaxed event, but over the festive period, you tend to get a lot of visitors, meaning you never really stop playing host. Now, it’s back to the daily grind of work, and the festive period went by so fast it doesn’t even feel like we’ve entered a new year, let alone a new decade.

Nevertheless, Christmas gave me a chance to catch some films and indulge in the internet’s latest obsession, The Witcher. I’m already adding it to my ‘best of 2019’ list because it was such a fun show to watch. The fantasy elements are so well done, the banter between certain characters is brilliant, and there is so much potential in this franchise. So, if you haven’t done so already, go watch The Witcher, even if it’s just to listen to Jaskier’s wonderful songs.

Image result for jaskier the witcher gif

As you can see, I didn’t get a lot of reading done. I am still making my way through ‘Beartown,’ and I’m already in love with the book. It’s beautifully written, emotional, and a book I would urge everyone to read.

On the blog, I took to spotlighting a lot of movies I’ve been watching, with a special emphasis on all the adorable Christmas films available. Hopefully, in January I can maintain a consistent flow of content. This is what I got up to in December

TV & Film
15th: Midnight MoviesChristmas Special
27th: Midnight MoviesA Musical Spectacle, Entertaining Action, and Fantastic Beasts
31st: TV TalkThe Witcher

Top Ten Tuesday
3rd: Holiday Reads
17th: Winter TBR
24th: Books I Hope to Find Under the Christmas Tree

Waiting on Wednesday
4th: A Song Below Water
11th: Dark and Deepest Red
18th: The Heart Principle

Favourite Posts in December

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The Orangutan Librarian give some suggestions on what to do when you’re burnt out from writing.

Kate @ Reading Through Infinity looks at ways to spring clean your Goodreads TBR shelf.

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Krysta @ Pages Unbound wonders if it’s time for the Goodreads Choice Awards Nominations process to change?

Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea shares the qualities that make her keep reading a blog post.

January Plans

Admittedly, I’ve not thought much about resolutions or goals for 2020. I find that resolutions put more pressure on you, or I forget what they were. Besides, most plans or I make get completely derailed so I’m just going to see where the month takes me, ease my way into the new year with a positive attitude, and possibly finish a book.

What did you get up to over Christmas?
What are your plans for 2020?


12 thoughts on “December Wrap Up 2019

  1. I also feel like a holiday after the holidays is very needed because wow, Christmas is exhausting.
    I thought I had commented on your Movies post but I didn’t, so I’ll do it here: something similar happened to me with Welcome to the Jungle, it was such a nice surprise and I cannot wait for the next one. I was also surprised with Tomb Raider and while I agree wwith what you said about the enemies, I still had fun watching it and like all the action.
    I did not care at all about Barnum in The Greatest Showman, probably because of his story, but the movie tried to make everything better and the music was fantastic. I also agree with what you said about Fantastic Beasts and I was very disappointed with the sequel.

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    1. Christmas is so exhausting, in the best way possible, but I definitely needed another week off work to recover. It was too much.

      I love it when films that have low expectations surprise me. I’m curious to see how the new Jumanji film plays out.

      I’m baffled at why they chose to use Barnum as the basis for the film when you know everyone will find out about his exploitive history. They should have just stuck to a fictional character.

      Fantastic Beasts was trying to hard to be something bigger than the first one and the charm of the first film was lost.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am still trying to recover too, I wish we had that extra week but with no Christmas things or anything, jut a week to relax.

        Exactly! Mabe that was the idea, to expose everything he did or something but then, don’t portray him like that in the movies, you know? I felt bad in the movie rotting for Barnum and his work to be successful. I agree, it would have had the same effect if you changed the name and made a movie based on the birth of the circus or something similar.

        I still watched the whole movie but I am so glad I did not go to the cinema for that.

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