Midnight Movies: Christmas Special

‘Tis the season to be jolly. The countdown draws ever near and with all the preparations going into the festivities, we have to make time to indulge in those romantic, funny, and heartwarming Christmas films. Here, is what I’ve been watching so far.


If you only watch one new Christmas film this year, make it Klaus. Serving as an origin story for the legend that is Santa Clause, Klaus takes us the island of Smeerensburg, a town built on a longstanding feud between warring families. Our reluctant postman, Jesper is given the near-impossible task of delivering 6000 letters in a year. To do this, he enlists the help of Klaus, a reclusive woodsman with an eye for craftsmanship. Jesper plots to use the children of the town to fulfil his goal by writing a letter to Klaus in exchange for a gift. What follows is an odd-couple dynamic that unintentionally changes the dynamic of Smeerensburg, and with that brings a sense of joy and purpose that had long been missing on the land. The animation heightens the cold desolation within the town, but also adds a layer of vibrancy and nostalgia, as its traditional animated techniques effortlessly blend with the latest animated innovations, providing a distinctive look that effectively immerses the viewers in the story. Klaus will surely become a modern classic, as the film touches on the tale old value in the spark of small acts of kindness while also providing a unique and moving origin story for Santa that oozes charm and heart.

Let It Snow

The book adaptation that slipped through the radar. I read the book many years ago and the details are very blurry. However, Let It Snow, thanks to its likeable cast, is a charmingly festive teen film that successfully develops and weaves multiple plotlines, dedicating just enough time to each thread to capture our attention. The film doesn’t offer anything new in terms of content, but the chemistry between or ensemble cast treats us to a cheesy film without being too cringey. It’s a charming and cheerful Christmas film that is also surprisingly relatable in our character’s interactions and reactions to one another.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect transitional film to kick start your festive viewings. This unconventional Christmas tale is just what you’d expect from Tim Burton. It’s a homage to everything so wonderful about both Halloween and Christmas, with a catchy soundtrack and imaginative storytelling, Jack Skellington’s adventure through Christmas Town captures the spirit and wonder of Christmas. The Nightmare Before Christmas is easily the most original feature on this list and one that is a must-watch every year.

Deck the Halls

Christmas is renowned for its feel-good festive flick. It’s the only time of year you can get away with concepts that are so unbelievably over the top. It’s a time where you can just sit back and enjoy the ridiculousness of certain films knowing that they were never set out to be blockbusters. Deck the Halls is a prime example of such film as competitive neighbours set out to upstage and sabotage one another. It’s a comedy for all the wrong reasons, and a film you’d only ever use as background noise.

Have you seen any of these films?
What is your favourite Christmas film?




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