On the Road: Prague

After months and months of procrastinating and letting life get in the way, I finally booked a holiday. The destination, Prague. Despite the fact that continental Europe is literally on my doorstep, this way the first time I’d planned a short city break to one of the many destinations I want to visit. In my mind, I figured I’d travel afar before exploring neighbouring countries, but sometimes a stress-free 2-hour flight is exactly what you need to kick off 6 days of sight-seeing, socialising, and relaxing. Here is a summary of what I got up to in Prague.

The Sights

Admittedly, I did more socialising than sightseeing, but Prague is a city that is full of culture simply walking through the streets was an experience. The architectural design of the buildings look like works of art, and one of the highlights was taking in the intricate details of St. Vitus Cathedral. Located within the castle, this gothic structure is visually striking with intricate design details reflecting parts of their history. The cathedral was a highlight of the castle tour I went on, but the castle itself was an interesting sight as it felt like you were visiting a palace, with the construction of the castle not reflecting the traditional fortifications of such landmarks. The castle also gave you one of the best views of the city, with the vineyard serving as a gorgeous backdrop.


I also took advantage of some of the walking tours that were offered, with a very interactive 3-hour walking tour of the city providing an interesting and informative tour highlighting just how much there is to see in Prague itself while explaining the city’s complicated history. For someone unfamiliar with the city, the Good Prague Tours free walking tour is the best way to get your bearings with the city while taking in a lot of the big attractions.

Of course, I had to make a stop at one of the stunning historic libraries in the city. The Strahov Monastery Library is gorgeous, with two magnificent baroque halls, dedicated to teachings on theology and philosophy. While you can’t walk through the halls, just taking in the intricate art design and the rows of ancient books was a sight to behold.

Now, I cannot write a post about the sights of Prague without mentioning the famous astronomical clock. Before this trip, a lot of people had told me that the clock was one of the most unremarkable and overrated sights of the city. I happen to completely disagree with this notion. Why you ask? Because the science behind its mechanism is fascinating, especially when you consider the fact that the clock’s construction started in 1410. This is definitely not a sight you should overlook.


Prague has no shortage of accommodation available to visitors. As a solo traveller, I opted to stay at one of the many hostels situated in the city, The Roadhouse.  It was clean, comfortable, and the staff were very welcoming and happy to answer any questions and provided some great tips on places to see and things to do. What I loved most about this hostel was how relaxed it was. It felt like a home away from home with family dinners held ever night, the perfect way to get to know your fellow travellers, followed by a trip to some of the local bars and for those looking to party, there was the option to meet up with their sister hostel, the Madhouse. After 5 nights in this hostel, I can safely say that The Roadhouse has set the bar high for any future hostel I stay at.


Part of the experience of any holiday is in the people you meet along the way, especially when you’re a solo traveller. What made this quick city break such a memorable trip was the people I met. Thanks to the Roadhouse hostel, meeting people was made very easy with their nightly family dinners, evening activities, and chilled atmosphere. Prague is a natural destination for those backpacking through Europe, with cheap rates, plenty of culture and character, a buzzing nightlife, and with the vast amount of quality hostels to choose from, you’re guaranteed to meet some like-minded travellers.


This trip also gave me an opportunity to meet up with a university friend. Meeting up with her gave me the local experience as we headed to the St. Clara Vineyard and treated ourselves to some burčák, a young wine said to signify the end of summer, as we walked through the botanical gardens, took in the gorgeous view of Troja chateau, and caught up on the five years that had passed since we last saw each other.


Prague, I will be back. To start, there are so many sights that I have yet to see. The city itself is compact, with many of the sites within walking distance of the hostel. Prague is a vibrant city with its history written on the walls of their picturesque landmarks. This will not be the last time I visit Prague, and it’s definitely a recommended destination for anyone looking for an affordable and cultural experience.

Have you ever been to Prague?
What’s on your travel bucket list?


12 thoughts on “On the Road: Prague

  1. Ah what a lovely post, Lois, thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us! I’m so happy you had such a great time in Prague, I really, really hope to visit this city someday, it seems lovely! 😀

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    1. The mechanisms of the clock is so fascinating, especially with how it works in conjunction with theluna cycle and the symbolism of the sculptures around it. It’s incredible.


  2. Prague has been high on my travel bucket list for a very long time and I’m finally going this December – this post has made me even more excited! It looks like a beautiful place and I’m so happy you enjoyed your trip 🙂

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