Best Trailers from San Diego Comic-Con, Part 1.

It’s that time of year where I wish I could teleport to San Diego for the biggest PR stunt of the year. San Diego Comic-Con is the ultimate playground for comic book fans, but has since become the stoming ground for a lot of new film and TV shows. With that, fans are treated to a frenzy of new announcements to get us excited for the coming years line up. Along with these announcements come the trailers to heighten the anticipation. This summary post will be split into two halves, and here is part 1 of the best trailers at San Diego’s Comic-Con 2019.

His Dark Materials

How epic does His Dark Materials look? From the all-star cast to the stellar visuals, I gave a feeling that this show is going to take the world by storm. It has an adventure, intrigue, deception, and everything in between.

Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise embodies every action trope there is. I can’t say I remember much about the original franchise, but Maverick will likely satisfy long-time fans of the franchise while also introducing a new generation to this Top Gun universe.


The more I watch this preview, the more excited I get about the show. Watchmen has an interesting premise and I love the grittiness of it. I’m not familiar with the source material of the Watchmen, but I can definitely get behind this adaptation.

Preacher (Season 4)

Most of you know I have a soft spot for weird and wonderful TV shows, and Preacher is right up there with the best of them. There’s such a great mix of quirky characters and it’s brilliant to watch the dynamic between them. I have no idea how this final season will end, but I can’t wait to follow the ride. 

21 Bridges

I love a good crime thriller and 21 Bridges has a lot of potential. Chadwich Boseman has already solidified his presence as a lead actor and with an intriguing plot, I think this film could be a big hit. The only danger is if it relies too much on the action instead of developing a consistent and compelling plot.

The Walking Dead (Season 10)

Technically, it’s not my fault that I’m still three seasons behind on this show because the family tradition means we all watch it together, but trying to get ahold of my brother is not the easiest task some nights. Also, while we’re slowly making our way through season 7, it feels like the show has lost its momentum. However, season 10 looks awesome and it looks like this new threat is a legitimate foe for our characters. 

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

I’m still undecided about this show, but what I love about this featurette is the focus on the artistry of the show. What these guys have been able to create is phenomenal and to see the intricate designs from their creation to then see them in the final product is incredible. I have no doubts that visually and artistically this show will deliver.

The Witcher

Hands down the best trailer I’ve seen so far. Again, I am not familiar with the source material for the Witcher, but the teaser trailer makes a case for this show to be the next fantasy epic and I cannot wait to explore this universe.

What are you most excited about?
What has been your favourite Comic-Con trailer?
Stay tuned for part 2 of this trailer wrap up!

11 thoughts on “Best Trailers from San Diego Comic-Con, Part 1.

  1. I’m honestly STUPID excited for The Witcher. I really hope they do it justice. I haven’t watched Preacher at all … but I’m intrigued …

    His Dark Materials I’m nervous about. I love the trilogy … but they ruined the movie so I’m scared they will do that with the show? We shall see…

    Great listing!

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    1. Honestly, The Witcher was my biggest surprise from Comic-Con. I was not expecting it to look so good. I’m trying to control my excitement, but they’re making it hard with that epic trailer.

      Preacher is the definition of bizarrely awesome TV. It’s so random and most of the time I have no idea what’s happening, but it’s a whole lot of fun.

      I have a lot of faith with the BBC. It’s rare that they let me down, and I love the cast for the show, but I can definitely understand the nervousness, especially after the botch job they did with the film.

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    1. I’m not familiar with either source material, but the game does look fun, but I suppose the beauty in having the game/books on hand is that they can take elements from both sources for the show.

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    1. I think The Witcher trailer was my most watched from San Diego Comic-Con. It has everything it needs to be a fantasy hit. I just hope my expectations aren’t too high.


  2. I definitely loved The Witcher and Watchmen of all these trailers. They seem promising and I hope they deliver the goods! Got to admit that The Walking Dead DEFINITELY lost its momentum quite early in the series but there are a couple of episodes here and in the later seasons that make you say things like: “Damn. That was good.” and then continue even if the rest of the season was pretty bad hahaha I gave up on season 9 though. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to complete it, unfortunately, hahaha Someone would have to watch it with me or force me to do or something. 😛

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    1. I am so excited for The Witcher. It has all the makings to be the next fantasy hit, and I am all for seeing more epic fantasy series on TV.

      The Walking Dead. I want to finish this show, but we’re in the middle of season 7 and it’s so slow, and while I usually love the character-focused episodes, I find that even those episodes don’t offer something new. I will catch up with it…eventually.

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