TV Talk: Space Drama, Obsessive Assassin, and Dracula’s Revenge

With so many TV shows in development, it really is becoming harder to choose between all of these amazing shows. Your mood is obviously a massive influence, but it’s surprising to see the variey in the shows I’ve been watching.

Killing Eve

Killing Eve is one of the most addictive TV shows I’ve watched in a long time. The cat and mouse chase between Villanelle and Eve were seductive and surprising with both characters developing an unhealthy obsession with one another. Sandra Oh has already demonstrated her range as an actress, while this show gave Jodie Comer the chance to really showcase her versatility as her performance captured a child-like glee in her job whilst also demonstrating her calculating and sinister nature. The first season does a brilliant job at establishing the tension between these women culminating in a showstopping finale that set the bar for the second season. The one trap Killing Eve might fall into is in turning Villanelle into the lesser of two evils. Vinallenlle is not someone we want to relate to and the sheer brilliance of this show lies in the way writers turned this assassin into one of the most fascinating characters on TV.

Lost in Space (Season 1)

The show follows the Robinson family as their spacecraft crash lands on what appears to be a partially habitable planet. Here they’re forced to uncover the mystery surrounding their crash landing while tackling some unresolved family tension in order to find a way back to the Resolute. The dynamic between the Robinsons was interesting, especially between estranged partners John and Maureen, both of whom have strong personalities that often clash, but when they set their differences aside make a formidable team, one that was needed when contending with the strong varying opinions from other survivors of the crash. The biggest disappointment was in Dr Smith, a woman whose selfishness cause a lot of trouble for the Robinson family. While her character thrived on manipulating those around her, Smith’s characterisation was lacklustre and one dimensional. The final episode in this series sets up a new danger for the Robinson family.

Castlevania (Season 1 – 2)

The biggest surprise from Castlevania was hearing Richard Armitage voice our protagonist, Trevor Belmont. If you haven’t already watched this show, please do because Richard Armitage’s voice was made for anime. As most of you know, Vampire’s are not my favourite mythological beasts. I’ve always felt that vampires lack depth when it comes to lore. However, Castlevania put an interesting twist on the character of Dracula, in having him connect with humanity, only for them to demonstrate the worst of their nature. Fear of knowledge brought about humanity’s own doom, and while Dracula’s actions are horrific, so are the actions of humans that led them down this path. It will be interesting to see how the third season pans out, and it’s clear that the focus on vampire politics and Dracula’s henchmen in the second season set up possible plotlines for the third season, but hopefully, we can take the time to put the spotlight back on our main trio of Belmont, Sylpha, and Alucard, as a new threat announces its presence.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Season 2)

I hereby apologise for taking so long to understand the sheer brilliance of this show. I really enjoyed the first season of Dirk Gentley, but after finishing it, my mind was so frazzled by it that I needed a break. Now, after watching the second series I can confirm that this show is magical. It’s impossible to spoil Dirk Gentley because the sequences of events are so random that the way they’re all seemingly connected but not connected is just mind-boggling. The narrative is always enjoyable, but Dirk Gently would not be what it is without its wonderful cast of eccentric characters. The reason this show resonates with so many viewers is that in many ways you can easily connect to our lead characters because they are all outsiders in one way or another. This is a show that takes the unextraordinary people, like Todd, throws them into a world of chaos, and with that finds himself with people that are also outsiders, uniting them in their friendship and unapologetic quirkiness. The cancellation of this show is a massive blow. I would happily follow the crazy shenanigans of our holistic investigation team or even a spin-off on the adventures of Amanda and the Rowdy Three.

Have you seen any of these shows?
What have you been watching?

4 thoughts on “TV Talk: Space Drama, Obsessive Assassin, and Dracula’s Revenge

  1. I’ve been meaning to give Castlevania a shot! The last season apparently turned out surprisingly awesome for a lot of people. And I have to admit that I purposefully stopped watching TV series because of the high number of them being released every week, in order to check out more movies I’ve been meaning to check out for a long time hahah I’m just now checking out the latest season of Stranger Things though! 😀

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    1. Castlevania was definitely a surprise. I’m one of those people that’s just exhausted by vampires in the media, but this one had such a good twist and actually turned Dracula into a kind of sympathetic character.
      There are so many TV shows coming out and I don’t have the time to commit to them all. I’m not the best binger and I’m more of a couple episodes a day kind of girl, so I feel like my movies are always on the backburn when I start a TV show. Admittedly, Stranger Things is one of the series I am so behind on.

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