Top Ten Tuesday: Books for Rainy Days

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the Broke and Bookish and hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl where we get a new topic for a top 10 list.

Rainy days are perfect reading days in my opinion. It’s an excuse to cosy up with a blanket, cup of tea, and immerse yourself in a magical world. There’s something soothing about the rain and I’m always drawn to magical books on those rainy days. These are the books I would recommend for rainy days.

1. Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor: This is the book I’m currently reading and it’s also raining outside this very moment. So, there is nothing I would like more right now than to curl up and read this book. Laini Taylor’s writing is so captivating that it just pulls you in.

2. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern: This is the most magical book. The Night Circus is the perfect rainy day book. The setting of the circus, the magical intrigue, and the intricacies of the plot is just phenomenal. It’s perfect for those rainy days.

3. The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo: This collection of tales is a brilliant companion on rainy days. Not only do you have some incredible and evocative tales, but you also get stunning illustrations to accompany you on this journey. Factor in a heavy downpour and you’d have the most immersive reading experience. 

4. Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman: Norse mythology is a collection of tales that highlight how timeless Norse mythology is, but it also has Neil Gaiman’s fresh and witty take, giving them a fresh, contemporary feel. When you think of adventure, you have to take into account the weather, and there is nothing more challenging than navigating your task in the pouring rain. Reading this on a rainy day would make you wish you were going on an adventure. 

5. Say You’ll Remember Me by Katie McGarry: The characters in Katie McGarry’s books don’t have it easy. They go through a whirlwind of experiences, but also have a lot of heart. These are the character’s that get caught in a storm and fight their way through it. Therefore, reading this book on a rainy day would be more of a symbolic choice that reflects the journey the characters take.

6. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater: Rainy days call out to atmospheric books, and no series is more atmospheric than the Raven Cycle. It has everything you could possibly want for a rainy day book.

7. Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys: Historical fiction is also a good option for rainy days. There’s such a richness in the knowledge that comes from historical fiction novels, and Salt to the Sea is a beautiful yet heartbreaking tale about the overlooked tragedy of the Wilhelm Gustloff. The rain will help hide the tears you shed over this book.

Which books would you read on rainy days?


25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books for Rainy Days

  1. Great list! Strange the Dreamer made my list this week, too, and The Language of Thorns is one I really want to get to. I’ve heard amazing things about Ruta Sepetys as well so I need to check her work out!

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  2. Yayyyy these are awesome choices! I completely agree with you on historical fiction. I definitely had a couple of books of that genre on my list as well! I actually have A Salt to the Sea on my bookshelf since I did see a couple of review for it but didn’t get a chance to pick it up. Would you recommend it?

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    1. I would definitely recommend Salt to the Sea. It does such an incredible job at highlighting just how tragic the events on the Wilhelm Gustloff were and it amazes me how it’s become such an overlooked part of history. The short chapter also helps because you find that the pacing never wanes. It’s such a good book. 😀

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      1. I love those types of stories. I find them very enlightening. Especially if it is not really something we learn about in our history classes. It sounds like something that I would enjoy reading since I am really getting into more historical fiction novels these days. I can’t wait to pick it up! Thank you for your thoughts!

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  3. Oh man did you hit the nail on the head with this list! I also like to read more atmospheric books when it is dreary outside. I’ve read and loved ALL of these books aside from The Language of Thorns (even though I attended the book tour and have a signed copy #fail) and Say You’ll Remember Me.

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