What I’ve Been Watching: Medieval Jousting Comedy, a Scene-Stealing Cat, and Grand Slam Champions.

I seem to have hit a slump with my to-watch list. There are so many TV shows and films to watch, but knowing what you’re in the mood to watch is the biggest challenge. This summary demonstrates just how random my selection of TV and films have been lately.


A Knight’s Tale

There’s no denying how charming this film is. This medieval-adventure comedy is your stereotypical peasant rising to nobility coupled with a killer anachronistic soundtrack and Paul Bettany’s brilliant over the top portrayal of Geoffrey Chaucer. It’s a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously and has fun with the dynamic between Ledger’s William Thatcher and his companions when trying to keep up his facade amongst the nobility. Will it blow you away? No, but it’s a fun film that will make you laugh at the absurdity of the entire situation.

John Wick

It’s been years since I first watched this film, but there’s no denying that John Wick relishes it’s action hero trope as this film literally hits the ground running with its gun-fights and stylish action sequences. It embraces the action film trope and turns it into a stellar, fast-paced thriller. Keanu Reeves thrives in this role and his steely determination to get justice for the murder of his dog – a final gift from his deceased wife – makes for a compelling character to back. The biggest criticism of this film would be the lack of substance to the overall plot, but for fans looking to indulge a classic action flick, this one is for you.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Another nostalgic throwback. Batman Beyond was an animated series that was set to continue the legend of the Batman. With Bruce Wayne retiring the Batman mantle troubled teen, Terry McGinnis takes on the Batman persona after discovering Bruce Wayne’s secret. The animated series was a surprise hit and offered a dark and mature insight into the legacy of the Batman. The Return of the Joker serves as a swan song to many of the original Batman Animated Series cast as it has Terry comes face to face with Batman’s most formidable foe, the Joker. This film wastes no time delving into the twisted relationship between Bruce and the Joker, with the final showdown between them being the spark that drives the confrontation with Terry. There is a lot to love about this film, but this film is a true testament to Mark Hamill’s brilliant portrayal of this classic Batman villain.

Captain Marvel

Endgame is undoubtedly the most anticipated MCU film this year, but Captain Marvel comes in at a very close second. As the first Marvel film to feature a female lead, expectations were undoubtedly high. As it goes, Captain Marvel is a brilliant installment in this franchise and establishes Carol Danvers as a key character in the next phase of Marvel films. The MCU clearly have a well-established formula by now as this film brings a combination of heart, determination, and humor to its story. With Carol’s journey to unlocking her memories and unleashing her full potential, we are treated to a multitude of different and entertaining dynamics. The film also allows Samuel L. Jackson to explore a more playful side to Nick Fury, who is just at the starting point of his career in Shield. The dynamic between Fury and Carol proved to be highly entertaining, especially when introduced to the surprise MVP of the film, Goose, Carol’s faithful companion. While we explore the war between the Kree and Skrulls, the heart of this film and its overall message is seen in the embodiment of our female character to not let others dictate your role in this world and the strength that comes from freeing yourself from the cages society will try and lock you in.


Westworld (Season 1)

After two years, I can finally say I’ve watched the first series of Westworld. It’s an imaginative and complex world that sees humans taken into a fantasy world where they can indulge in violent debauchery. Following a specific narrative, humans are introduced to this world by the park’s hosts. However, when a string of glitches start appearing in the host’s programming, you get this foreboding sense that someone is trying to sabotage the park for their own agenda and in this, you start to doubt the credibility of the parks management team. The story will make you question the very nature of reality as the host’s start to demonstrate an awareness of their own surroundings and stray from their default programming. Some of the twists revealed along the way came as a massive surprise and the subtlety of these revelations was brilliantly executed. The finale left the park in a state of upheaval, and it’ll be interesting to see where the story goes from here.

The Great Celebrity Bake-off for SU2C

GBBO has stolen the heart of the world with its charming setting and intricate baking designs. The celebrity bake-off brings in four celebrities every week to take part in the competition in support of Stand Up To Cancer. With a show that has quickly become a staple in British Television, it’s lovely to see them use their platform as a way of raising awareness of an important cause. There are plenty of laughs out loud moments to be had, and fans of the original Bake-Off show would definitely love this spin-off.

Rugby Six Nations

This year, the Six Nations provided a clear example of how unpredictable a sport Rugby can be. From insane comebacks and a Grand Slam victory, the Six Nations will grab even the most casual viewer of the sport. It’s undoubtedly one of Britain’s biggest sporting event of the year. The results of this years Six Nations was ever so sweet for me because it saw Wales not only raise the championship but also get that elusive Grand Slam victory. The now 2nd best team in the world will definitely be ones to watch for this year’s World Cup.

Have you seen any of these?
Do you have any TV and film recommendations?
What have you been watching lately?

8 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching: Medieval Jousting Comedy, a Scene-Stealing Cat, and Grand Slam Champions.

  1. Wahhh! So many great shows and movies! I absolutely adore Westworld and I’m so glad to hear you saw that Batman Beyond movie! Definitely a classic of my childhood too. I wasn’t particularly a fan of Captain Marvel however because of its flagrant political agenda within the movie. đŸ˜® And John Wick’s choreography is just soooo beautiful!!! đŸ˜€

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    1. I can now understand the hype about Westworld but I have no idea where the second season will go. I forgot how creepy the Batman Beyond movie was, it was like Mark Hamill took the Joker’s creepiness into overdrive.
      I can understand why not everyone was a fan of Captain Marvel because they did not hide their agenda at all. Nick Fury and Goose were my highlights though. Never underestimate cats haha.
      I feel like this year is just going to be Keanu’s year what with John Wick 3, Toy Story 4, and Bill and Ted 3 officially confirmed.

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