Top Ten Tuesday: Character’s I’d Check in With

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the Broke and Bookish and hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl where we get a new topic for a top 10 list.

The original topic for this week is ‘standalone you’d like a sequel to.’ Now, as much as I want to explore more of the universes I love, there are some characters I would just like to check in with just so I can make sure that they’re okay. If they got a sequel then it’s a guarantee that they will be put through the wringer again and these characters deserve some peace.

1. Roaden, Elantris: There are talks of a possible sequel to this book, which I wouldn’t mind because there is a lot of this universe that is still left to be explored. I’d like to check in on Raoden for a lot of reasons, but for the most part, I want to see he adjusted to his new position of power and influence in both Elantris and Kae, especially after all the destruction that happened in the lead up to this new order.

2. Lira and Elian, To Kill a Kingdom: This is one of the most addictive books I’ve ever read. It is a perfect standalone and I wouldn’t want a sequel to it. What I would like is to just check in on Lira and Elian. The end of the book saw Lira take up her rightful position as leader, and I want to see how Elian and Lira brought about this peace between the sea and land.

3. Roshar, The Winner’s Trilogy: Roshar is a fascinating character. His demeanor wouldn’t suggest that he is of royal blood, but he is smart, charismatic, and clearly has the of his people. The events of Winner’s Kiss highlighted some underlying tension between Roshar and his sister, Queen of the Dracan. I think there is plenty of material to write a companion novel focused on Roshar and the dynamic within the Dracan political landscape.

4. Yael, Blood for Blood: I am still bitter about what happened to Luka in this book, but to check in on Yael would be for my own comfort. This girl had gone through enough in these books. The losses she faced were monumental, but her resolve to get justice and bring an end to Hitler’s reign was inspiring. I want to see how she’s doing following the events of Blood for Blood.

5. August, Our Dark Duet: Another character that was put through the wringer. August is a darling of a monster. His struggles were paramount in Our Dark Duet, especially with the role of a leader being thrust upon him. Identity was a running theme in this duology so I would like to check in on August to see how he doing and to know if he’s been able to reconcile the monster within him whilst retaining his connection to humanity.

6. Drix, Say You’ll Remember Me: I have a soft spot for characters that have been through a lot. These characters are always complex and flawed, but I find that their hearts are always in the right place. Drix is no different. He’s made plenty of mistakes but watching him fight for his right for a better life is admirable. I want to check in on him just to see how he’s doing and to see how his and Elle’s relationship is blossoming.

7. Josh and Skylar, I’ll Meet You There: There is no one more protective of these two than me. Josh and Skylar have gone through a lot to get to the point they are by the end of the book. It was a messy rollercoaster of emotions, but they didn’t give up. They deserve their happy ending and I just want to see them happy.

8. Jalal, The Rose and the Dagger: One of the biggest disappointments of Rose and the Dagger was the treatment of Jalal’s character. His relationship with Khalid took a massive hit in this book and we never really had the chance to see it resolved. Now that the war is over, I want to see Jalal and Khalid communicate with each other and make strides in rebuilding that trust between them.

9. Inej, Crooked Kingdom: Why would you not want to check in on Inej. I want to know how she’s doing in her mission to stop slavers is a success. I want to know how the dynamic between her and her parents has changed and I also want to know how her relationship with a certain Kaz Brekker is progressing.

10. Cinder, The Lunar Chronicle: Cinder had a lot to deal with by the end of Winter. After facing down Levana, Cinder now has reclaimed her rightful position as leader. However, with that position, you now have to face all the political scheming of this world and bring about peace. It cannot be easy, but I’d like to see how Kai and Cinder succeed at this.

Which characters would you like to check in with?




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