What I’ve Been Watching (TV): Gutsy Animals, Supernatural Detective Mystery, and more Viking drama.

Winter TV is always the best. There’s always something new and enticing for viewers to watch as soon as nights get longer. I’ve been catching up on quite a lot of TV shows lately and here is a summary of the best shows I’ve been watching this Winter.

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly is the go-to quiet Saturday night in TV show. The show is a spectacle, but it’s the dancing that always steals the show. It’s amazing to see a novice dancer develop as the weeks go by and seeing their progress is incredible. Dancing is hard. Not only do you have to master and remember the moves, but you’ve also got to think about the musicality of the performance. Factor in the live audience and judges and it’s a lot of pressure. I’m not sure who I’m backing in this series yet, mainly because I’m usually working Saturday nights, but I love an underdog. Who are you backing?

B: The Beginning

B: The Beginning, has a lot of elements to it, and there’s a lot of potential for this series, but this first season seemed to be muddled by the murder mystery and the supernatural twists. As individual plot lines, the murder mystery had the suspense and mystery to keep viewers engages, while the supernatural explorations of genetically modified humans and issues of fate has enough intrigue to keep the momentum flowing. However, together the plot lines seem to get lost in translation. Again, this series has a lot of potential and with the second series set to be released next year, there is an opportunity to create a more fluid plot line. The main characters were compelling enough to make up for the lackluster villains, as our aloof lead Detective Keith finds himself thrown back into the hunt of the elusive Killer B. However, this time he is not alone, as Keith is joined by a group of quirky and enigmatic detectives, all who possess qualities that are essential to this case. It’s a solid debut and the second series can easily build upon the foundations set in this first series.

The Last Kingdom (Series 3)

What is it about Vikings that make for such compelling drama? The Last Kingdom, not a Netflix only production, took the qualities that made the first two series so well-loved and rocketed the show to a whole new level. We start the show with a content Uhtred, but as anyone knows, a chaos is never far behind and Uhtred finds himself an outcast of Wessex and an outcast to the Dane’s. Uhtred has always had to grapple between his Saxon and Danish identity and this series brings that crisis back to the forefront as he finds himself without any political allies. While the show has previously stumbled in terms of pacing, the third series had a combination of a well-written story, incredible action sequences, and stellar acting. Alexander Dreymond and David Dawson shine as Uhtred and Alfred. The dynamic between these two legendary figures has always been the highlight of the series. Fans of the Vikings need to watch this show. It’s brutal, but the themes explored in this series are still as prominent in contemporary society.  Stay tuned for my in-depth discussion of this incredible series. 


These wildlife documentaries are always a visionary and emotional journey. It’s amazing how an hour following the lives of these incredible dynasties can create such an emotional investment from viewers. The trials and tribulations they face are, at times heartbreaking, but it’s also magnificent to witness their resolve. These creatures face some of the toughest circumstances, yet they’re resilient in the face of these troubles. There are so many intricate layers to each dynasty dynamic. The political hierarchy, the treachery, the triumphs, and the solidarity among these animals is something to be admired.

Have you seen any of these shows?
What have you been watching?


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