Top Ten Tuesday: Best Platonic Friendships

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Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you’re all having a great week. Now, I love a book that has a strong emphasis on friendship. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good romance, but friendship has some of the most interesting dynamics. So, here are my favourite platonic friendships in literature.

1. Lila and Alucard, Shades of Magic: Technically, he did try to seduce her, but that was purely a strategic move. The dynamic between Lila and Alucard was one of the highlights of this series, especially in A Gathering of Shadows, where Alucard cut her some liberties but also provided some hard truths. The banter between them is always entertaining.

2. Razor and Violet, Walk the Edge: It’s no secret that Violet’s relationship with the Reign of Terror is tumultuous at best, but if there’s one member she can always rely on it’s Razor. He kept her secrets, and also supported her when no one else would. The fact that she trusted him above everyone else has a lot of weight as well, and she is one of the many that want to see Razor smile again.

3. Kestrel and Verex, The Winner’s Crime: These two were thrown together out of political duty. It’s understandable to see why Verex resents her at first, but as they start communicating they both see that they are each other only ally. Together they bring a united front when it comes to navigating the political manipulations in Valoria.

4. Cinder and Thorne, The Lunar Chronicles: These two were outlaws on the run for most of the second book in this series and from that, they became great allies and friends. Thorne’s comedic disposition was a great counter to Cinder’s moments of doubts and the banter between them is on point.

5. Jase and Tim, The Boy Most Likely To: Tim is a guy that is trying to follow the straight and narrow path. However, life seems to enjoy throwing curveballs his way. Fortunately, his friendship with Jase keeps him grounded as Tim faces his toughest challenge yet.

6. Garrett, Logan, Dean and Tucker, Off-Campus Series: If you want a friendship that will make you cry from laughter, these guys are the ones for you. These four guys are comedy gold together but don’t think that it’s just the banter that unites them as these guys always band together when another is in need.

7. Blue and her Raven Boys, The Raven Cycle: One of the most iconic friendships in YA literature. The fact that Blue lead a life without her Raven Boys seems unfathomable.

8. Khalid and Jalal, The Wrath and the Dawn: This is one friendship that I wish we got to see more of, especially in the second book of this duology. Jalal is one of the only men to see beyond Khalid’s killer reputation. He’s the only one that has always had his back, which is why I was so disappointed when we didn’t get to see the reconciliation between them in Rose and the Dagger.

9. Perry/Aria and Roar, Under the Never Sky: Let it be known that Roar is one of the best friends you could ask for. He is Perry’s brother of the heart, and while they’re both headstrong and stubborn at times there is always that strong sense of brotherhood between them, which makes Roar’s friendship with Aria, Perry’s love interest, so poignant. Aria and Roar have the best platonic friendship. They faced their own trials and tribulations, but their experiences strengthened the bond between them.

10. Karou and Zuzana, Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Only Zuzana would willingly strut through a crowd of monsters just to see her best friend. Zuzana provides some of the most iconic comedic scenes in this series. She takes the revelations of Karou’s true persona in stride and remains a loyal friend to her right to the very end.

What are your favourite platonic friendships?


26 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Best Platonic Friendships

  1. This is such a great list! I love Cinder and Thorne as well as Blue and her boys ahh ❤ Now that I think about it, I would have loved to see more of Khalid and Jalal's friendship as well, that would have been amazing ❤

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    1. I feel like there was some unresolved tension between Khalid and Jalal by the end of the second book. I wanted to see them talk and forgive each other for the words they said. That and I love a good bromance haha.

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    1. Not gonna lie, the Winner’s Crime is a hard read because there is a lot of angst, but it really highlights Kestrel’s strengths and her sacrifices. I’ve been re-reading the Winner’s Kiss and the weight of Kestrel’s sacrifices in the first two books really are highlighted in it.

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    1. The characters in ADSOM will forever be some of my all-time favourites. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a really good book to read in the Winter, it’s so atmospheric.


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