What I’ve Been Watching #6

As Summer comes to an end, TV season officially kicks in again. I’ll be the first to admit that one of the reasons I love the Autumn so much is because TV simply gets better this time of year. Before we dive into the new TV season, I thought now would be a perfect moment to spotlight my Summertime viewings.


Poldark Series 4

With frustratingly flawed characters and an uncertainty as to how this show can repeat the same old story again and again without exhausting the material, the fourth series of Poldark had some epic highs and devastating lows. This show will never be smooth sailing, and just when you think you’re about to give up, they somehow manage to pull out a show stopper episode that reignites that sense of intrigue and tension. As always, the main plot line revolves around the trials and tribulations of Ross and Demelza. Trust is the biggest obstacle they face in this series, as Ross is pulled into the political mechanisms in London, while others continue to manipulate Demelza’s kindness. It’s frustrating, but there’s still that desperate need to see them overcome these challenges. Many of you know that my favourite character on this show is the ever so charming Dwight Enys. As Ross’ loyal friend, he is often the voice of reason, and if more people would listen to his logic, I guarantee most of the drama would have been resolved in a blink of an eye. The final episode of the series was undoubtedly the best, and it saw the shock exit of a character who has been a staple on the show from the start. I won’t go into details about the exit, but I will say that it was a wise choice. It will be interesting to see how this exit affects the dynamic between these characters in the next series.

Altered Carbon

It’s been a while since I finished the show and I’m still trying to make sense of certain aspects of it. Basically, Altered Carbon is based in a futuristic society where death is no longer permanent. A person’s memories and consciousness are stored inside a disk embedded in the nape of their necks. Therefore, when our bodies perish, your disk can simply be transferred to a new body. Takeshi Kovacs is our lead. A former rebel defeated in the uprising against this new world order, he awakens in a new body with the purpose of helping solve the murder of one of the most powerful men in this universe, Laurens Bancroft. However, things are never as simple as they seem and the deeper Kovacs immerses himself in this world, the more complicated things get as the secrets and mysteries of Kovacs own life and the life of his sleeve, Elias Ryker are revealed. At once, everything and nothing seems to be connected, and the unraveling of these mysteries makes a compelling arc as Kovacs search for the truth forces him to make the hardest decisions.

Vikings (Series 1 – 4)

Where to even begin with this show. Just so that everyone knows, Vikings are the reason I have done nothing productive on my rare days off. I’m hooked. Now, I’ll admit that it took a couple of episodes for me to really get stuck into the show, but now I’m questioning how I went so long without it. I’m actually going to be dedicating a separate post to this show, but essentially Vikings follow the rise of Ragnar Lothbrok from farmer to king. It sounds simple, but along this journey, we get some political mechanisms, the conflict of religion, the issue of conversion, trust, betrayal, and so much more. There is a lot of intrigues, but the real highlight is in the characterization of Ragnar Lothbrok. Travis Fimmel was made for this role. His portrayal of this legendary character is subtle and complex. He can make you howl in anger, and then cry your heart out within five minutes. It is through him we get to unravel the complexities of upholding the Nordic traditions while integrating with the wider world.


Wonder Woman

At long last, I have finally seen this epic film. The DC universe films have been a disappointment so far, but Wonder Woman shows the potential that this franchise has, and that is thanks to the stellar casting. Gal Gadot truly embodies the Wonder Woman persona. That is down to the exploration of Diana as her own character on her journey to becoming the full embodiment of Wonder Woman. For a film that is set during World War 1, Wonder Woman has some incredibly lighthearted moments giving viewers a respite from all the doom and gloom that transpires. The film is not without its heartfelt moments, but they succeed in finding that delicate balance between these moments.

Point Break

Some nights, you just need a crime thriller to indulge in. Most crime and action films tend to blur into one these days, but Point Break is one I have a soft spot for. Don’t ask me why, it could be the chemistry between Keanu Reeves and the late Patrick Swayze, or maybe it’s my fascination with surf gangs that keeps me coming back to this film. Either way, Point Break is an adrenaline fuelled film perfect for those do nothing days.

Mamma Mia 2

Perhaps one of the most anticipated films of the year, Mamma Mia 2 is undoubtedly the feel-good film of the year. The entire cast is back, and with it, we get some new faces that channel a youthful Donna and the three men she meets on her summer of self-discovery. It is a fun film with an exceptional soundtrack, but I did feel like there was something missing. I hate to be picky, but there were some plot inconsistencies when you compare it to the first film, and while the music and acting were great, it missed that magic that came with Meryl Streep’s presence as the lead.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

I’ll keep this one short. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets had a lot of potential to be a blockbuster film. The graffics were impressive and the story had potential to be great. However, the script itself and the casting let the film down. There just wasn’t enough substance in the overall plot.

Have you watched any of these films/TV shows?
What are you currently watching?



10 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching #6

    1. That is exactly what my mam did. I’d be watching it while she was doing her crossword and by the end of the episode she’d turn to me and be like “they can’t leave it at that!” She’s completely addicted to the show haha.

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  1. I thought that Mamma Mia was great, definitely a feel-good movie, it made me smile and wanting to sing a whole lot just as well. But it’s true that, when you look closer, the plot inconsistencies are just the worst hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I agree with you on Mamma Mia 2; I loved the film, but there were things that caused major plot holes from the first film. I’m shocked they didn’t consider this more. Luckily, I didn’t rewatch the first film until after Mamma Mia 2, so the experience was great during my watch.

    I’ve heard so much about Vikings…I’m scared to get into it because that’s all I’ll watch if I really like it ha-ha!

    I’ve been rewatching shows since I tend to have a hard time finding a show I really like. I’m rewatching Supernatural (again) and I plan to rewatch Sherlock. I started up Flash again but I had to go back to the beginning because it’s been so long ha-ha! I’ve been dying for either a “feel good” series or an “action adventure” series.

    Film wise…SUPER excited for Robin Hood (total sucker for all those remakes). I finally watched Kingsman 2 and it was epic! My friends and I went to see the Meg…great action but stupid romance side story ruined it.

    Great post! Creates a lot of fun discussion!

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    1. Mamma Mia is a perfect spectacle for everyone that loves Abba and I think most people focus on that aspect more than the plot, which is fine, but if someone asks me what I thought of the story I will be ruthless haha.

      Vikings has taken over my life, and my mam’s. We’re both hooked to the show, which is frustrating when you try to watch it together cause there are only 2 nights a week where I’m actually free from work in the evenings haha. I urge everyone to join me in this amazingly addictive adventure haha.

      I always get so intimidated when I start a new show cause I know I usually have to power through a couple of episodes before I really get into it, but that stretch can feel so time-consuming. It’s why I always re-watch cause I know what to expect and I know I’ll love it haha.

      Taron Egerton as Robin Hood sounds great, but the trailer has made me super nervous. I feel like they might try and make it too edgy and focus on the action than the story. I’ve been let down before by remakes of my favourite legends so I don’t want my expectations too high haha.

      If you’re looking for a good film I’d definitely recommend Logan Lucky. It’s a comedy-drama heist film with Channing Tatum and Daniel Craig and it surprised me with how good it is.

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      1. All great points…and I totally agree with you about the plot ha-ha!! Oh the hopes I had…

        My roommate and I were doing that with “Timeless” and “Friends”, but we ended up watching a lot of it without one another since our schedules were so off.

        YES! Exactly! It’s the same mindset I have towards books too ha-ha! I give it a go but I’ve learned to drop a book or TV show if it’s not appealing rather than just trug on through.

        I’ve gotten better at just expecting it’s not going to reflect the story whatsoever ha-ha! I try to think of the shows as “loosely based”, which helps me enjoy movies more. It’s still a shame, but it makes my movie watching life more fun. Taron Egerton…huge crush ha-ha. I don’t really have celeb crushes…but I do with Taron.

        That sounds amazing! I love both of the actors! I will have to give it a go – thank you for the recommendation!

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