Top Ten Tuesday: Best Character Names

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the Broke and Bookish and hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl where we get a new topic for a top 10 list.

I remember writing a similar post to this one a while back, so I thought my challenge for this week would be to not use the same names. If you’d like to see the original post of favourite character names, click here. So, for this week I’m going to highlight some more of my favourite character names. I’ll try and keep it even between the male and females, but I always find it easier to pick a male name. Anyway, here are my additional 10 favourite character names.

1. Leo from Rookie Move: Meaning – is Latin for “lion,” and in German, it’s a short form of Leon or Leopold, meaning “brave people.”
I have a soft spot for Leo. It’s a short name but has a nice, softness to it. I also think the association of bravery with the name is very fitting for his character in the book.

2. Lark from The Bird and the Sword: Meaning – Taken from the name of the songbird, which is derived from the Middle English larke, laverke.
A literal meaning of this name, but the significance of songbird is not lost if you’ve read this book. Lark’s journey is all about finding her voice both literally and figuratively. 

3. Jonah from Jellicoe Road: Meaning – In Hebrew, Jonah means Dove, and is known as he that oppresses; destroyer. However, in the Malay language, the name means Champion. The meaning of Jonah is so fascinating to me, especially with how one is a sign of destruction and the other of victory. I suppose the two could go hand in hand, but I think the Hebrew meaning is one Jonah himself would believe based on his past, but I think Champion is much more fitting for him.

4. Imogen from Invictus: Meaning – Often thought to have originated as a misspelling or variation of the name Innogen, itself a possible common Celtic name, cognate with the Old Irish Ingen meaning “maiden” or “girl.”
Well, Imogen is indeed female in the books, but the name is definitely not indicative of her personality. Imogen is a bubbly ball of energy, one that cannot be contained.

5. Isaiah from Crash Into You: Meaning – From the Hebrew name יְשַׁעְיָהוּ (Yesha’yahu) meaning “YAHWEH is salvation”. Isaiah is one of the four major prophets of the Old Testament, supposedly the author of the Book of Isaiah.
I feel like salvation is a very telling name for Isaiah’s character. In Crash Into You, it feels like Isaiah is always looking for salvation, believing Rachel to be his.

6. Sofia from Their Fractured Light: Meaning – Means “wisdom” in Greek. This was the name of an early, probably mythical, saint who died of grief after her three daughters were martyred during the reign of the emperor Hadrian. Legends about her probably arose as a result of a medieval misunderstanding of the phrase Hagia Sophia “Holy Wisdom”, which is the name of a large basilica in Constantinople.
Not going to lie, I paid a lot more attention to Tarver and Lilac than I did Sofia in this series, but I can see how she might be associated with being wise.

7. Marco from The Night Circus: Meaning – In Italian, the meaning of the name Marco is: Mars (Roman god of war).
Don’t you just love the sound of the name Marco? It just rolls off the tongue effortlessly.

8. Inej from Six of Crows: Meaning – the name Inej is of Unknown origin and means “”The faithful one” Inej is very religious and determined, she will be happy to put her life on the line for the people she loves.
This is a PERFECT summary of Inej’s character.

9. Logan from The Mistake: Meaning – The given name Logan is derived from the Scottish surname Logan, which is in turn derived from a place name. The likely origin of this surname is a place located near Auchinleck, in Ayrshire, The place name is derived from the Scottish Gaelic lagan, which is a diminutive of lag, which in turn means “hollow.”
The Logan I know is far from hollow, but I suppose Logan’s expected life after university left him hollow for a time.

10. Kady from Illuminae: Meaning – The name Kady is an Irish name. In Irish, the meaning of the name Kady is: meaning ‘a rhythmic flow of sounds.
I was surprised by this meaning, but I can see how it works. 

The meaning of these names have all been taken from my good friend, Google.
What are your favourite character names?

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