What I’ve Been Watching #2

Book slumps suck, but once again film and television have come to fill the void. Since my first ‘What I’ve Been Watching‘ post I’ve watched quite a few new shows and some films that I’d been meaning to watch for ages.  I’ll confess, I’m not the best at binge watching programmes because I always end up needing to take a break in between and forget all about them. Here’s a summary of what I’ve been watching since the New Year.


Spider-Man: Homecoming

I must confess the reason I put off watching this for so long was that I’m tired of all these reboots. I also think Spider-Man is overrated. Admittedly, I did enjoy Tom Holland’s stint in Captain America: Civil War and thought he captured the youthful, playful side of the character that makes him a bit more endearing. Even with all these reboots they still manage to make the current film better than the predecessor. I LOVED Homecoming. Tom Holland is a lot more believable as a high schooler than Andrew Garfield. I also liked that the big bad of the film wasn’t the biggest threat, but it allowed us to explore Peter as a character. This is probably the most optimistic Spider-Man film, but it still has some heartwarming moments. Also, the dynamic between Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr was on point. I loved the mentor/protege dynamic and Iron Man’s presence didn’t overshadow the fact that this is Peter’s story. 

We Bought a Zoo

The main reason I watched this was that there was nothing else on. I didn’t know what to expect from the film. All I knew about it was that it starred Matt Damon and his character buys a zoo. What I wasn’t expecting was the heart of the film. Following the story is a wave of plotlines focus on family, specifically on how a fractured family comes together again following a devastating This isn’t a groundbreaking film and not one I’d go back to all that often, but it is still enjoyable.



Stop what you’re doing and watch this show! If you enjoyed The Night Manager, then you are guaranteed to LOVE McMafia. Basically, this show centers on Alex Godman, a British raised son of a former Russian mafia boss, and the struggles he faces as he’s unceremoniously thrown into the middle of these underground dealings and turf wars. It’s high stakes and there’s always a looming sense of dread with every episode. However, the most fascinating component of the show is Alex. His initial dealings with the underground were just a measure of protection, a one time deal initially. However, nothing is simple and seeing Alex navigate himself through these dealings and rising conflicts was so fascinating. At the end of the day, the biggest question Alex has to face is how far is he willing to go to protect those he loves and is he willing to deal with the consequences that follow?

Legion (Series 1)

I’ve been keeping my eye on this series for a while now. I knew it was set in the X-Men universe, but I didn’t realise how psychological the show was going to be. I’ve only watched the first 4 episodes, but this show is full of intrigue. Our main character, David, is the definition of an unreliable narrator. Having been diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age, David is completely unaware of the power he actually holds. The psychological component of this show is really fascinating. While we know that David is one of the most powerful mutants in existence, there’s still that feeling that something isn’t quite right with what we’re seeing. There are a lot of holes in the narrative and I can’t wait to fill in the gaps.

Grimm (Series 1)

This is actually a re-watch. I started watching this show last year but wasn’t in the mood to continue with it. Now that I’m actually interested in watching it again I thought it’d be best to start from the beginning. The concept is interesting, and while I love the case of the week format, I’m also happy to see the thread of a continuous plotline slowly being revealed.

Lethal Weapon (Series 2)

I’ve never watched the Lethal Weapon film but I liked the look of this show and thought I’d give it a shot. These days I get pretty bored with the generic cop-drama show, but this one just pulls me in. The main reason for this is the dynamic between Riggs and Murtaugh. Their comedic timing is on point and the play off each other really well. Again, this is a case of the week set up, but in there’s still a continuous plotline threaded through it. In the first series that was the mystery of Riggs’ wife and unborn child’s death. This series is all about the what’s next phase. Riggs finally has the closure he needed, but after holding on to that desire for vengeance, he’s now stuck in that limbo of not know what to do next. This is such an entertaining show. Yes, the comedic elements are golden, but there’s still a lot of heart in the show.

Great American Railroad Journeys (Series 3)

Bet you didn’t see this one coming. My entire family has been so engrossed in this series. Michael Portillo is the perfect presenter of this travel documentary series. The title says it all and the journey follows the American railroads. With each destination, we’re treated to some history about the railroad establishment and also about the history ingrained into the cities. You can split the series into two halves. The first takes us from Massachusetts to Toronto. The second from Reno to San Diego. It’s a really interesting program.

Winter Olympics

The highlight of my February viewings. I’ve already talked about my excitement for the Winter Olympics and it has not disappointed so far. The only downside is that the time difference between the UK and Seoul means I’m reliant on the catch-up programs most of the time, but we knew to expect that from the start. So far, my highlights have been the Snowboard Cross, the figure skating, and the skeleton aka the main event for Team GB so far. It’s a fact that we’re not a winter sports nation, but it’s so heartening to see these athletes take up the mantle and show that we have the potential to be one.

What have you been watching?
Have you seen any of these shows/films?
If so, what’s your favourite?

12 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching #2

  1. I have not seen any of these with the exception of the Winter Olympics. I do want to see the Spider Man movie though. Like you, I think he is overrated, but everyone has been raving about Tom Holland. Also, it has Zendaya and I love her! Oooh Legion is on my list too. I’m curious about the psychological elements you mention!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I finished Legion today and it was so good. The psychological component was so fascinating in the series, even with it being an X-Men universe show. It was darker than I thought it would be but so addictive. I don’t know what I’m going to do now that the Winter Olympics are over haha.


  2. I am going to watch McMafia, I promise!!! Other than that, I have a real love for the Spiderverse. I don’t own a whole lot of comics, but I have Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales and regular Peter Parker up there and still Homecoming is my favourite Spiderman movie so far (waiting for the animated Miles Morales one though, cause it looks STUNNING!).

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    1. YES! Trust me it’s so good. I was a little confused by everything at first but once things clicked the show hit the ground running. I had no idea they were making an animated film. That sounds epic.

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