Top Ten Tuesday: Must Visit Bookish Locations.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we get a new topic for a top 10 list.

Just a warning, this post was written at the very last minute before heading out for the day, so I’m keeping it short and sweet. This weeks topic is all about those fictional worlds we’d love to visit. We are spoiled for options this week, but these were the first five locations to come to mind when I saw this topic.

1. Red London, Shades of Magic Trilogy: Who wouldn’t want to visit this location? Magic oozes from Red London and every time you step into that world there’s this wonderful aura to it. Plus, you might even run into a certain prince. 😉

2. Ketterdam, Six of Crows: I want to try these waffles everyone keeps raving about. Specifically, I want to have waffles with Nina and Inej. Now, Ketterdam is not known for its friendliness, but if I succeed in befriending Wylan and Jesper then surely I can get the protection of Kaz by association.

3. Cabeswater, The Raven Cycle: Again, when this magical enigma wasn’t being poisoned, there was this sense of tranquility within this magical realm. Don’t get me wrong, this location could easily mess with someone’s head, but with the right company, I’m sure you can have some fun here.

4. Herran, The Winner’s Trilogy: It’s my OTP’s home. Now that peace has been secured in Herran there’s nothing I’d love more than to explore the streets of this land. I suck at horseback riding, but I’m willing to give it a shot, especially with the right coach. Plus, some of the villas in this location are simply stunning and so lush.

5. Middle-Earth, The Lord of the Rings: How can you not want to visit Middle-Earth. You have so many locations to visit and a range of interesting folk to meet along the way. From The Shire to Rivendell, Lothlorien, Rohan, Gondor, you are spoiled for choices. Or, alternatively, you can always head on over to New Zealand for a taste of this magical realm. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Those are my top fantasy destinations?
If you could choose one fictional setting to visit, what would it be?

38 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Must Visit Bookish Locations.

  1. Six of Crows would be a great place to visit!! But pretty sure i’d die as soon as I arrived lol!!! Maybe I can hire some of the crew lol. Great list ❤

    My Top 10 Bookish places to Visit

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  2. YES, Red London, also… I’d really want to meet Rhy haha 😛 I’d also love to visit Cabeswater, I’m sure it would be a magical place to walk through and get lost in ❤
    Great post, Lois! ❤

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    1. I’d quite happily share a glass or two of wine with our darling prince and his companions haha. I feel like with Cabeswater I’d have to have a tether or something so I could guide myself back.

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