Top Ten Tuesday: Winter To Read List

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Hello everyone. The dreaded book slump has hit me this month and I’ve yet to read a single book. It’s safe to say that my tbr list is always expanding, but with this slump I’ve just not been in a particular mood to read anything. Hopefully, I can snap out of this funk soon. In the mean time, here is a list of books that take top priority on my to read list.

1. Until it Fades by K. A. Tucker: This was initally the next book I was going to read before the slump hit. As you know I’ve been on a sports contemporary kick and most of the reviews I’ve read for this book has been nothing short of fantastic.

2. Bountiful by Sarina Bowen: The combination of the True North guys and the Brooklyn Bruisers is too hot to handle. I’m so happy Zara gets her story and I’m excited to read this epic crossover.

3. Strange the Deamer by Laini Taylor: I was hoping to have read this book by now but I’ve just not been in the mood for it. I love Laini Taylor’s writing, it’s so magical and evokative, so hopefully I can cross this book off the tbr list this winter.

4. Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff: I really loved Nevernight, but I’ll admit I am nervous to read this book. I think there’s just so much hype surrounding this series that I don’t want to be dissappointed in the end.

5. Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson: Another year and I’ve still not read this book. I’ve lost track of how long this book has been sitting on my to read shelf. Hopefully I’ll be able to cross it off in the new year.

6. The Bird and the Sword by Amy Harmon: Everyone keeps raving about Amy Harmon’s books and I’ve been wanting to read them for a while now, but again it’s one of those books I have to be in the mood for. Maybe I’ll save this book for a rainy day.

7. The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo: A book based on the tales of the Grishaverse, who doesn’t want to read that? I think this book is a great one to turn to if you’re in a slump because you can basically just read the book one story at a time. There’s no pressure to finish it all in one go. You can just pick and chose when you start the next tale.

8. Invictus by Ryan Graudin: One of my most anticipated books of 2017 and I am so excited to get my hands on it. I loved Graudin’s Wolf by Wolf duology and I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us.

9. Him by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy: I was hoping to have read this duology by now, especially with the sports contemporary kick I’ve been on. Alas, I think I’ll just have to cross this book off the list in the new year.

10. Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh: I actually forgot that I owned a copy of this book. It just kind of got pushed to the back of my shelf and I found it the other week as I was dusting. I’m still interested in this book and I’ve found that I prefer reading hyped books once the hype has died down, that way I can keep my over enthusiastic self in check and go into the book with a more level head.

What’s on your to read list this Winter?

26 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Winter To Read List

  1. You need to read Second Chance Summer soon, so we can talk about it. Also, you need to have tissues ready, that’s for sure, ahah. It is such a great book, I love it ❤
    I also have to read Flame in the Mist, but the mixed reviews kind of made me…put it aside for a while. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on that one 🙂

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    1. Everyone keeps telling me Second Chance Summer is possibly Matson’s best book. I’m out of tissues right now, but I’ll stock up soon.
      I actually don’t mind the mixed reviews because it’s lowered my expectations. Before the hype was immense and I was worried I’d go into the book with too high expectations.

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  2. Ooh great tbr! I love Laini Taylor’s writing too 😀 I really enjoyed Second Chance summer- hope you do too 🙂 I’ve heard everyone that liked Nevernight enjoyed Godsgrave (I still need to read the first one!!) so hopefully you won’t be disappointed. And I really want to read Invictus, Language of Thorns and Flame in the Mist 😀

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