Review: Mister Hockey by Lia Riley

34992459Mister Hockey (Hellions Angels #1) by Lia Riley
Publication Date: 
July 11th, 2017 by Avon Impulse
Rating: 3 Stars
Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Sports – Ice Hockey
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Goodreads Summary
Her biggest fantasy is about to become a reality. . .

Jed West is Mr. Hockey. The captain of the NHL’s latest winning team, the Denver Hellions–and the hottest player on the ice—at least according to every magazine…and Breezy Angel. Breezy has been drooling over Jed at games for years, and he plays a starring role in her most toe-curling fantasies. But dirty dreams don’t come true, right?

Then Jed saunters through the doors of her library, a last minute special guest for a summer reading event, and not only is he drop dead gorgeous up close, his personality is straight up swoon-worthy. He even comes to the rescue when she has an R-rated “Super Book Worm” costume malfunction. But when he mistakenly assumes she’s more into books than pucks, she’s too flustered to correct his mistake. And then comes a big kiss, followed by a teensy-tiny problem. Jed’s dating policy is simple: Never date a fan.

So what’s a fangirl going to have to do to convince her ultimate crush that he’s become less of a perfect fantasy, and more like the perfect man…for her?

Not every book has to be a hard-hitter. Some books aren’t going to pack the punches and have us begging for more long after we finish. However, sometimes you just want to read a book for the sake of reading, and that’s exactly where Mister Hockey fits in. This book is enjoyable; it’s an easy read that still gets you tingling. It is not a book that will blow you away, but it still has enough substance to keep you engaged with the story and the characters.

So, who is Mister Hockey? That would be Jed West. Captain of the Denver Hellions and a man every woman wants to get their hands on. However, Jed doesn’t fall into the stereotypical “player” archetype we often get with these romance. No, Jed is humble. He’s a man that knows he’s lucky enough to make a career playing the game he loves. However, in this book, we see him at a crossroad. Following a recent injury, Jed is considering the future of his career. As he contemplates his next move, the last thing Jed expects is for Breezy Angel to come crashing into his life. After Jed saves her from a particularly mortifying wardrobe malfunction, Jed finds himself charmed by this cute librarian.

Breezy Angel is an easy woman to relate to. She loves books and she loves Ice Hockey like I do, so it was easy to find a kindred spirit in her. She’s a little bit awkward but makes up for it in her passion for her work as a librarian and ice hockey. She is fanatical about the Denver Hellions, so when Jed turns up at her library for a reading, her fangirl heart goes into overdrive. Her wardrobe malfunction leaves her mortified and embarrassed and the last thing she expected was for Jed West to later turn up on her doorstep.

The romance was sweet and sexy. Jed and Breezy are well suited together and the interactions they have with one another was cute. However, there is a secret looming over their budding relationship, one that could infinitely change the dynamic between them. Breezy is a huge fan of Jed West, superstar hockey player. She’s the girl who’s so consumed by the team, and him that she has collectible memorabilia dedicated to him. Jed, has a strict no fan dating policy, so as the relationship between them deepens, the threat of this secret’s exposure is a looming presence throughout. Because of this, it felt a bit harder to completely immerse myself in the relationship knowing that eventually this secret will be revealed.

However, this book is not just about the romance. Family plays an important role in this book and we get to explore the nature of Jed and Breezy’s relationship with their families. Breezy’s family were a welcome addition to the story. Her hockey-loving family brought some golden comedic moments. We also got to explore the dynamic between members of this family, particularly the relationship between Breezy and her mum. There’s definitely tension between the two as Breezy feels like she’ll never gain her mother’s approval and her achievements are lesser than that of her sisters, a successful sports journalist. Breezy loves her sister, Neeve, and the two of them are thick as thieves. She just wishes that their mother would stop comparing the two of them.

To conclude, Mister Hockey is a sweet and charming romance. Jed and Breezy are very likeable characters, and the dynamic between them is adorable.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Mister Hockey by Lia Riley

  1. I felt the same way about this one. It’s not Lia Riley’s best in my opinion, but it was still a nice and enjoyable story. I am excited for the next book though because I adored Breezy’s sister in this one. I’m glad you enjoyed it overall, Lois. 🙂

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    1. This was my first Lia Riley book. Admittedly the main reason I went for it was because of the hockey haha. I had no idea that there was a companion novel. I loved her sister and supportive she was of Breezy.


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