Discussion: Why I Should Read More Science Fiction

Science Fictionfiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes, frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets.

I enjoy sci-fi, I really do. However, I’ve always gravitated towards fantasy more than science fiction. Fact, I do not have a scientific mind therefore it takes a while longer for me to understand the vocabulary and the science that’s explored in these world. I find it a lot easier to lose myself in a fantasy book. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy sci-fi. On the contrary, I think sci-fi is one of the most fascinating genres as it opens your mind to the wonders of the world and its potential, for better or worse. There are many reasons why I should read more sci-fi but these are chosen few I’ve decided to highlight.


As mentioned I do not have a scientific mind. In school, I did my required work and passed. That’s about as far as my interest in science went. However, through reading science fiction titles I’ve allowed myself to further open my mind to the wonders of the scientific world. Most of the time I don’t even realise how much I’m learning as I read. Admittedly the books that delve into space and time appeal to me more than the nitty gritty technological ones. There’s an excitement that comes with exploring these ideas though. There’s something amazing knowing that these ideas have the possibility to become a reality.

Limitless Possibilities

I am constantly amazed by the scope of the universe in sci-fi. They have no limits to what they can explore. More than that, the intricacy and detail that goes into establishing these worlds and the technology within them is incredible. From time travel, to colonizing new planets and everything in between; there’s no telling what kind amazing wonders we can discover in sci-fi. Science fiction also shines a light on the brilliance of humanity. However, it also raises the question of our roles in society. Humanity may very well be the creators of these new advances but it also poses the question about our existence within the world. Can technology exist without humanity? Can humanity exist without technology? These limitless possibilities also creates an opportunity to question our own existence. One thing that is for certain is that imagination is the key to bringing these ideas to life.

Cautionary Tales

With sci-fi you get to explore the infinite ways in which we can expand civilization. In these books we can see the wonders of our imagination and how humanity can utilize technology as a means to enrich our lives. However, humanity can be demanding and with that desire for more we explore the ways these discoveries can give rise to greed, corruption and destruction. It makes you really think about the way we use science to fulfill our own desires and the dire sacrifices made to ensure their success. It can be quite scary to see these manifestations of greed reflected in our every day lives. Sci-fi books brings these dangers into the forefront and explore the consequences of our choices. Whether it be the destruction of our natural world or the corruption of our humanity, science fiction shines a terrifying spotlight on a future that could become a reality.

Recommended Sci-Fi books.

The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
Unconventional narrative technique. Non-stop action. Wonderful characters.

Starbound Trilogy by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
Space travel. Discovering new entities. Swoony romances.

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi
Technology reliant society vs tribal society. Integration of societies. Hate to love romance. Endearing bromance.

Those are the reasons I need to read more sci-fi.
What do you love about science fiction?
Any sci-fi book recommendations?

36 thoughts on “Discussion: Why I Should Read More Science Fiction

  1. I usually read more fantasy than sci fi as well, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it πŸ˜€ I would recommend the Red Rising series and Sleeping Giants (as well as the sequels to that, but I forgot the series name). Sleeping Giants is like a very adult version of Illuminae without any kind of illustrations in terms of the way it is told.

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    1. I completely forgot about Red Rising!!! Damn that book is the epitome of sci-fi. I’ve seen Sleeping Giants pop up on my timeline but never gave much thought to it. It sounds really interesting though so thanks for sticking it on my radar.

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          1. I’m digging myself into a hole here but with the exception of the ending I don’t remember much of Golden Son. I feel like I should just re-read the entire series.


  2. I love fantasy and Sci-fi genre but I read more fantasy than sci-fi. Illuminae, Starbound Trilogy and Under the never Sky are my favorite series too. I recommend Alienated By Melissa Landers, Defy the Stars By Claudia Gray, Broken Skies By Theresa Kay, Lunar Chronicles By Marissa Meyer, Starflight By Melissa Landers.

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    1. I feel like sci-fi crosses over with fantasy in most cases. I know a lot of books that have a blend of both genres in them. I loved the Lunar Chronicles but haven’t read your other recommendations but I’ll be sure to check them out. Thank you. πŸ˜€

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    1. Here’s what this comment should say!

      I have always loved sci-fi and dystopian fiction (sometimes I feel like the genres overlap) and I love the way it lets my mind expand and imagine new possibilities. I really love Oryx and Crake by Margret Atwood, mostly because it shows a future where genetics and science are all we all and what happens when that comes crashing down.

      I’ve been meaning to check out Illuminae! It looks so good!

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      1. That’s what I find. More often than not you find fantasy books that have sci-fi elements in it and vice versa. The line between sci-fi and fantasy is blurred more often than not. I’ve never heard of Oryx and Crake before but they sounds really interesting. I’ll be sure to check it out. πŸ˜€

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  3. Science fiction is one of my favorite genres, so I am so glad to read this post. πŸ™‚ And I absolutely love Illuminae and These Broken Stars too. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❀

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  4. It’s a bit of clichΓ©, but today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s fact. The look and feel of the web was anticipated before it became the touchstone of our lives. The flip phone…okay, everyone knows about the Star Trek connection.
    Perhaps people who write SF provide the ideas and encouragement that scientists need to come up with things.
    I am reading Robopocalypse right now. It is pretty good.

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    1. I LOVE that saying and I so agree with it. It’s kind of creepy to see how these ideas have come into fruition and how it’s continuously developing. I’ve not heard of Robopocalypse but it sounds really interesting.

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      1. It was quite interesting, though it could have been longer and the characters more fleshed out. Had the author understood the marketing side of SF these days, it would have been a multi-part epic. I guess he was happy enough that Spielberg bought the rights to the film version–though filming has been put off.

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  5. Ah yes I’m the same about sci fi as fantasy- I like both, but gravitate to fantasy more- probably cos I’m not scientifically minded either. I love the cautionary tales in sci fi and they really do make me think. And I love Illuminae. I’ve also been meaning to read these broken skies and under the never sky for ages (I keep seeing it in the library). Awesome discussion!

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    1. I also find that most sci-fi/fantasy books explore and include elements of both genres so the line between sci-fi and fantasy is often blurred. Illuminae has got to be a favourite sci-fi book. I hope you get the chance to read These Broken Stars and UtNS soon. πŸ˜€

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  6. I feel like science fiction is always overlooked, and even though I havent had the chance to read that much of it, but what I have read has been fantastic and there is so much that can be done with it. There are so many possibilities.

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    1. It’s definitely an overlooked genre but I also think that with regards to sci-fi and fantasy the line between both genres is blurred. I love that there’s no limitation with the genre, it makes the book even more surprising and unpredictable.


  7. I love sci-fi for all those reasons!!! But the thing is, sci-fi is harder to find. You are either stuck with old hard sci-fi (which is generally VERY bad in how it treats female characters), or it’s… something doubtful, one or those mass produced things that isn’t worth your attention. I truly do recommend you check out Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin! It’s not YA sci-fi, but it’s GENIUS.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more with what you said. Plus I feel like sci-fi and fantasy cross over more these days so the line between both genres is blurred. I’ll definitely check out Three Body Problem. Thanks for the recommendation. πŸ˜€


  8. I love science fiction and fantasy, but I feel like fantasy offers more limitless possibilities than science fiction does. Science fiction can easily become dated. Look at some of the older science fiction novels, shows, and movies, and see how much of the technology from these works of fiction are now a reality. It’s really fantasy I feel that is the limitless genre. It will always be timeless.

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