Dream Reading Space

We all have an idea about what our dream reading space would look like. So, I thought today would be a good time to highlight what my one looks like. Now I’m all about the comfort and coziness of a reading nook where I can just immerse myself in an adventure.

Here is a very rough idea of the kind of vibe I’d want in my dream reading space.

Untitled design.png

As you can see I’ve decided to go with neural colours. Why? Because they embrace all things warm and fuzzy. The couch is big enough for me to stretch out on and the extra storage underneaths is perfect for my emergency stash of comfort food, which is a reading essential cause most of the time I can’t cope with the emotional trauma I get from the book. A sectional sofa is also an amazing option for stretching out and cozying up.

I will never say no to a side table and this one is absolutely perfect. I don’t need a big table, just one big enough to place my book and cup of tea.

The book case is a dream. Ideally in my nook this case would slot into the wall giving the illusion of being part of it. There is more than enough shelf space for me and most likely some of the cases will end up stashing some random knickknacks. A wooden case is a must for me because I love that natural vibe.

A lamp is essential to any reading space because there is a 90% chance you’ll find me reading through the night and to do that you’ll need plenty of lighting.

Now we come to the final touch. Throw pillows are a must for two reasons. The practical being for the sake of comfort and it gives me an excuse to splurge on some bookish designs. The basket of blankets and throws are another essential because when winter comes, you will need something warm to wrap yourself up in and is the definition of cosy. With these additions you can also add that pop of colour to the room without taking away from that warm feeling.

Those are the basic necessities for my dream reading space. I could easily spend a week coming up with a bunch of different ideas but if any of you fancy a look of some of my inspiration for my perfect reading space, head on over to my pinterest board.

A big thank you to Arhaus for inspiring this post. If you’re looking for any reading space ideas check out their site.

Tell me, what’s your dream reading space?

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