Top Ten Tuesday: Must Meet Authors

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we get a new topic for a top 10 list.

Not so long ago I wrote a post on my dream book conference panel. We all have authors we’d love to meet in person. Unfortunately for me, most authors that do a UK book tour tend to stick to the major cities, meaning that I’d have to commute at least 2/3 hours to the closest destination. One of these days I will go to a bookish event, so with that in mind here are the authors I’d love to meet.

1. Victoria Schwab: Who wouldn’t want to meet her? Her books tend to put me in book comas and her characters are all morally ambiguous and wonderful. I’d love to pick her brain about anything and everything and see if I can squeeze some post A Conjuring of Light info about my favourites.

2. Leigh Bardugo: To start, I’d make sure she knew how I felt about a certain characters fate in Crooked Kingdom. My heart is still in mourning. I’d also take the chance to see if I can check in with Kaz and the crew. I’d also love to know how she creates such a complex world.

3. Neil Gaiman: The master of fantasy. Gaiman has definitely left his mark on fantasy literature. As a veteran author I’d love to ask him how fantasy fiction has developed and been commercialized over the years.

4. Pierce Brown: Who wouldn’t want to gaze into those piercing eyes? If I knew I’d get to meet him it’d probably give me the motivation to pick up Morning Star and power through the emotional turmoil the book is bound to put me through.

5. Heather Demetrios: One of my go-to authors. I’d read anything by Heather Demetrios. She covers some really tough topics in her books and you can see the time and care that’s gone into exploring the topic on hand. I’d also like to check in with Skylar and Josh, my OTP.

6. Melina Marchetta: When it comes to characterizations, Marchetta hits all the right notes. Whether it’s been her fantasy work or her contemporary ones, I’ve never not been able to connect to her characters.

7. Markus Zusak: His books have always packed a few emotional punches but I’d love to know about how he came to the decision to use Death as the narrator for The Book Thief.

8. Sarina Bowen / Elle Kennedy: My go to New Adult authors. I’d love to go to an event featuring these two authors. I can see it being such a fun event to attend.

9. Ryan Graudin: Two words, Luka Lowe. I will never get over his fate. It hurts to even think about it and I want her to know just how much pain she put me through with that choice.

10. Adam Silvera: Who wouldn’t want to meet this guy? His books are just as amazing as he is.

Those are the author’s I’d love to meet.
Who would you like to meet?

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Must Meet Authors

  1. I actually thought about I’ll Meet You There’s author Heather Demetrios too but since I have only read that one book by her I didn’t add in the top 10 but she’s definitely there. I also thought about Sarina Bowen cause I just finished reading Hard Hitter this week and I loved both Rookie Move and this book but didn’t add her too cause she was still new, but I do have Elle Kennedy on my list. I can’t believe both of them have a series together I am so gonna read it! Both of them are so talented!
    Here’s My TTT

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    1. I’ve only read Sarina Bowen’s True North series so far but those books were enough to get me hooked on her writing. I’m definitely going to be reading Rookie Move soon. 😀


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