Top Ten Tuesday: TV Special

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we get a new topic for a top 10 list. 

Every time we get a freebie week my mind goes blank. Prior to those weeks I’ll have floods of topic ideas but I always forget to actually note them down. So, since I’ve been stuck in a pretty horrible reading slump, I’ve decided to use this freebie week to highlight some of my go-to TV shows. 

top 10 tv.png

1. Supernatural: My number 1 at the moment. 12 seasons in and I’m still hooked to the show. Yes, the hunting angle is fun but really it’s all about Sam and Dean and the bonds of family. Plus you can’t not love the dynamic between the brothers, Castiel and Crowley. 

2. The Walking Dead: I was’t expecting to enjoy this as much cause I typically find zombies to be boring. However, the characters make the show worth it. The exploration of human nature is so complex as this band of people come together for the sake of their survival.
I’ve not caught up on the 7th series yet but I will do so, I’m just not ready to watch my favourite get slaughtered.

3. One Tree Hill: Small towns and basketball. You’d think this wouldn’t interest me but I absolutely adore this program. I just love the characters in this show, well, most of them at least. This might be an unpopular opinion but I really couldn’t stand Peyton for a lot of the show. Nathan, Brooke and Haley will always be the favourites. I also love that we got to see the progression of these characters as they try to carve out an identity for themselves in this big, ugly world.



4. Mr. Robot: A cyber security engineer that suffers from social anxiety and turns to hacking as a way of curbing his loneliness to make an impact on the world. An epic combination. This is a show that demands concentration because you never really know what to expect. Elliot, our protagonist, is the definition of an unreliable narrator and I love the unpredictability of that.


5. The Vicar of Dibley: To me, this show is a British classic. It’s so, so funny. From the late 90’s to early 00’s, this show was a must watch on British television. The cast of characters in this small village of Dibley are wonderfully weird. I’ve not met a person who doesn’t find this show hilarious. Plus, Richard Armitage is in the final two episodes and that’s reason enough to watch it and Sean Bean made a cameo as well.


6. The Last Kingdom: Only in it’s first series but this show has already left it’s mark. This series explores the historic and political landscape of 9th century Britain, a tumultuous time as the Danes settled into the country bringing with them their own set of traiditions and cultures that conflicted with the Anglo-Saxons. This is a work of fiction but a lot of the themes explored were incredibly relevant to this period. Between the issue of pagan and Christian conversion and political corruption. More than that it shows that the Danes were not the barbarians history makes them out to be and instead there’s a focus on them as a group of people simply looking for a place to settle.

7. Monk: Comedy in a crime drama. This shows follows Adrian Monk, a former detective who suffered a mental breakdown following the death of his wife. Now working as a private consultant, Monk hopes to one day be reinstated into the force but is also determined to uncover the truth behind his wife’s death. However, to some his phobias and compulsive disorders make him a difficult person to work. This show and the characters are hilarious.

8. Game of Thrones: Dragons, Direwolves, Starks, Death, Politics, White walkers. This show is bloody epic.

9. Twin Peaks: Another classic, to me anyway. A detective comes strolling into town to investigate the murder of a local young woman. Sounds simple, right? Well, you are wrong. The supernatural elements and quirky characters takes the show to a whole new level. Plus the killer is one of a few characters that genuinely freaked me out. giphy1

10. Friends: How can you not love this show? It’s the best show to binge watch and it’s the ultimate pick me up show. More than that this show does a great job at exploring the way these characters navigate adulthood. 


Yuri on Ice: I blame Summer for this one. I’d heard a lot of talk about this show and I was curious and that extra nudge from Summer convinced me to give the show a shot and now I’m hooked. 12 episodes was not nearly enough for me but I loved the characters, the ice skating and everything in between. The opening sequence is stunning as well as the theme song is ridiculously catchy.


Those are some of my favourite shows? What are yours?

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: TV Special

    1. It’s pretty twisted but it does such a great job at exploring mental illness and social anxiety. Rami Malek is just amazing on the show. Best to just binge watch GoT when it comes to an end and that should be nearing as they’re leading up to the final two series.


  1. I’ve seen the first season of Mr. Robot. Quite enjoyed it, and looking forward to watching season two when I get around to it.
    The Vicar of Dibley was hilarious! Owen would always make be laugh out loud whenever they had meetings. 😀
    Thrones really is epic. Can’t wait for the new season!
    And Friends is just the best!!!

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    1. I started watching season 2 and then I got distracted and I’ve basically forgotten where I’m at. I’ll probably just watch it from the start again haha.
      Owen was the best. Roger Lloyd-Pack was absolutely brilliant in that role. What a legend/
      I’m already theorizing for the next thrones series. I just hope I’m right haha.


  2. I’ve been rewatching a lot of One Tree Hill lately. I’ve never made it past the 5th season, so I’m rewatching the entire thing in hopes to get through it all. It’s soooo outdated now, but I still love it. 😀

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    1. Friends will never ever get old. I will always love that show. Mr. Robot demands a lot of attention because there’s so much going on and so many uncertainties but the pay off is worth it. I need to catch up on the second series now.


    1. Yes, you need to watch the Last Kingdom, especially since it looks like the second series will air this year. It’s so good. It’s like the BBC equivalent to GoT just with less nudity and fantasy and more history based.

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