Top Ten Tuesday: Book Settings I’d Like to Visit

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we get a new topic for a top 10 list.

I love being transported to another world. It’s one of my favourite parts of reading. However, the downside is that once I finish the book, I have to accept the fact that I can’t just magically transport my physical body to these locations. If I had the chance, these are the 10 book settings I would love to visit.

top 10 setting to visit.png

1. Khorasan, The Wrath and the Dawn: I would visit this place after the events of the books when Khorasan has rebuilt itself. The vivid descriptions in this duology hit all 5 senses. I kept getting sucked into this world, it’s magic and culture and for that reason I would like to visit the location.

2. Red London, Shades of Magic SeriesI will jump at any chance to possibly run into a certain black-eyed prince and his oh so charming brother. 😉 On top of that Red London just sounds so magical. The atmosphere of the world sounds so exciting and inviting and I’d love to wander around the Night Market.

3. Faelene, Storm Siren TrilogyAnother setting that completely captivated me with it’s magic. The terrain and just the general atmosphere of this location just draws me in.

4. Henrietta, Virginia/Cabeswater, The Raven CycleMagic seems to be my calling card for a lot of these locations. But who would be enticed by the wonder and mysteries that captures this town. On top of that I could get a reading from the ladies of 300 Fox Way and hike with some Raven Boys. 😉

5. Camp Half-Blood, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to stay at Camp-Half Blood. Talk about the ultimate adventure. You would never get bored here and the camaraderie between the campers sounds like so much fun. 

6. Stony Bay, Connecticut, My Life Next DoorI love the vibe I got from this town. It sounds like a nice, peaceful yet adventurous place to visit. It helps that one of my favourite book boyfriends lives here and I’d love the opportunity to meet the Garretts. 

7. Prague, Daughter of Smoke and BoneA city of character, culture and history. Prague just keeps calling me. Laini Taylor did an amazing job at capturing the essence of this city and if given the chance I’d hop on the first flight I could get to this city.

8. Lewis Creek, Play OnWhat can I say, I have a thing for small towns. Lewis Creek reminds me a lot of my own town and there’s something charming about immersing yourself in a close community. Plus with baseball being such a hit, I’ll be able to actually watch a game and see what the fuss is all about.

9. Stanwich Connecticut, Since You’ve Been Gone: What is it about Connecticut? Seriously this is like the go-to state for a lot of my favourite contemporaries. I absolutely love the fact that all of the characters in Morgan Matsons book find their way to Stanwitch. I definitely see the appeal and I’d love to go to the orchard. On top of that the guys in this town seem pretty decent and there’s a good chance I’d meet some of my favourite characters.

10. Middle-Earth, The Lord of the RingsThe ultimate fantasy destination. From the Shire, to Rivendell, Rohan and Minas Tirith, there is an abundance of stunning places to visit and a lot of charming characters to meet.

Those are the book settings I’d love to visit.
If you could chose a setting to visit, where would you go?

23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Settings I’d Like to Visit

    1. Life with the Garrett family would be fun and chaos, in the best way possible. Definitely family goals haha. I think we’d be treated to some delightful and slightly disturbing revelations from those Aglionby boys.

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    1. I need to get myself a copy of Game On. I’m so intrigued by Eric’s story and if we get to check in with the characters from Play On then I will be very happy.


  1. OMG I WOULD LOVE TO VISIT CAMP HALF BLOOD! Imagine meeting all the campers from the series. xD It makes me ecstatic just thinking about it. 🙂 And I would love to visit Red London or Prague too. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous choices! ❤

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  2. I don’t think I’ve ever hard of Storm Siren but just what you said makes me want to! And I want to visit Stony Bay too – it sounds like a really lovely place. ❤

    Khorasan would be a great place to visit as well, I think. I remember feeling super indulged reading the book and whenever Shazi was eating I’d be like “omg that sounds super delicious” even though she was just eating bread or something. That would be the ultimate travel destination for me.

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    1. Storm Siren is definitely an underrated series. It’s so magical and the characters have multitude of layers to them. Highly recommended.

      The food in TWATD. I swear it was a sensory overload. I would so go to Khorasan just so I could stuff my face with all the food I can get.


    1. TWATD is definitely a sensory overload type of book. Ahdieh did such a great job at capturing the essence of the world and, like you said, the descriptions were so vivid I felt like I could literally step into the world.

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    1. Everything about Red London sounds so magical. Literally every passage describing the Night Market had me wishing I could just step into that place. I’d definitely explore the other London’s as well, especially if I had Kell as an escort haha.

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  3. Totally agree with so many of these! Prague for sure, Khorasan, and Red London, YES! I totally would go to Lewis Creek too- it just seems so… charming, even the stuff that isn’t so charming haha. I feel like I’d find a nice southern gentleman or something, it’d be a win. And I am the lone weirdo who wants to go to Panem, so take that for what it’s worth 😉 Great choices, love your list!

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    1. Oh yes. Lewis Creek has that small town charm to it. There’s obvious faults to it but when there’s also that communal spirit you don’t find a lot. People come out and support one another and I love that.
      I’m all down for meeting a Southern Gentleman, especially is he’s anything like Austin. 😉

      Panem. I’m curious about how I’d do but I feel like I would not survive life there haha.


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