Top Ten Tuesday: Book BFFs

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we get a new topic for a top 10 list.

So, this weeks goal is to pick a topic you’ve missed or want to revisit that has previously been highlighted as the Top Ten Tuesday topic. Seeing as I’ve only been taking part in this meme for about 8 months, I had plenty of topics to choose from. When it came down it, I thought it would be nice to do a topic on friendship, specifically the characters I would like to be BFF’s with. 

top 10 book bff.png

1. Inej Ghafa: Six of CrowsHer sense of hope is inspiring. I feel like she’s the person I’d go to for assurance if I ever needed a pick me up. On top of that her stealth and combat skills would come in handy in Ketterdam and she could definitely teach me a few moves and then we’d go for waffles. 

2. Lilac Laroux: Starbound TrilogyShe’s resourceful and intelligent and will always have your back. If you ever find yourself in a technical predicament, Lilac’s engineering/hacking skills would come in handy. 😀

3. Elend Veture: Mistborn TrilogyA fellow bookworm. I can just picture us lounging around the fire in his office talking all things books. Elend is also very logical so if I needed to get an objective opinion from someone I’d turn to him.

4. Blue Sargent: The Raven CycleWho wouldn’t want to be friends with her? She’s feisty and quirky and goes above and beyond for the people she cares about. Being her friend would be an adventure, especially if my Raven Boys happen to join us

5. Skylar Evans: I’ll Meet You ThereI loved the friendship between Skylar, Chris and Dylan. All three of them were getting ready to follow their own paths and yet the bond between them was still very strong and they were all so supportive of one another and encouraging. Skylar is one of my favourite female characters. She’s been through some tough times but her determination and compassion sees her through them. I’d love to be in her company.

6. Hannah Wells: The Deal (Off-Campus #1)She’s hilarious. She’s the kind of friend that you can have a great time with but also confide in. I’d trust her with anything. I also love her outlook on life. She’s experienced a trauma and instead of letting it define her she accepts it what it is and moves on, focusing on being happy. 

7. Captain Carswell Thorne: The Lunar ChroniclesMy partner in crime. We all need that goofball friend and Throne is the right person to turn to if you need cheering up. His banter and comedic timing is always on point and we’d have a laugh together.

8. Zuzana: Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogyTalk about loyalty. Zuzana literally follows Karou into the unknown to make sure that she is safe and well. I don’t know many people that would stroll into a room of monsters and take it in their stride.

9. Emily: Since You’ve Been GoneI think Emily and I are very similar in personality. I was like her when I was younger and I would always be the girl in the background letting everyone else take the lead. She’s a sweetheart and I think we’d do a good job at encouraging one another to take those leaps of faith.

10. August: This Savage SongI’d rather be his friend than his enemy. August is fiercely loyal to the people he cares about. He will go above and beyond to ensure their safety, even if it means losing that piece of humanity that held him together for so long. I wouldn’t want to face off against August and his protective instinct towards the people he cares about is so sweet. 

Those are my bookish BFF’s.
Which character would you like to be best friends with?

31 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book BFFs

  1. Great list 😀

    Let take this opportunity and tell you that I HAVE FINISHED I’LL MEET YOU THERE AND I LOVED IT. 5 big fat stars ❤ Now, please, PLEASE, can we share Josh? Because Lois, I have a couple of things to tell you, one is that I am going through a tough book hangover due to this book, and two is that I have realised I have a thing for the military. It's not the first time I read a book with a soldier MC but I noticed how much I orbitate towards them. In order to love them, that is. This doesn't make much sense, but my point is ME + militars/soldiers/marines = double swoon. Yep, that's the point.

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    1. YES! Let us swoooooon!!! I am so, so, so happy you loved it. I’m with you on the whole military men thing. This book made me realise how much I love those guys and I’ve been desperate to find more of these book boyfriends. I mean Josh and Skylar are my OTP. Their relationship was so sweet, painful and hopeful and that letter. Oh thank you for sending me that letter. My heart still goes into overdrive. Hotel California aka my favourite Eagles song always makes me think of that almost kiss in the rain. I will never get enough of those two. ❤

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      1. GOOOOOOOD THAT SCENE ❤ ah, my heart. Seriously though, I want a Josh to whisper those lyrics in my ear *says while struggling with the drool*

        Let's make a pact, if we hear from a book with a potential military perfect man, we let each other know 🙂 yes? I have a NA book under the radar: Making Faces. But none YA..

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        1. Stop! I don’t think my heart can take that swoon. Oh he can whisper in my ear anyday. ❤
          Yes. This pact is the best of the best. I've made a note of Making faces and the only other NA with a military man I've red is Something Like Normal by Trish Doller.
          YA wise, the only one I can think of is Rites of Passage by Joy N. Hensley and the book takes place in a military academy.

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    1. Frank Porter is definitely a bonus in being friends with Emily haha. I love her quiet confidence and she’s definitely a character I could relate to. I always seem to be able to relate to Morgan Matson’s characters. 😀

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    1. I’ve not read either of those books but I’ve heard great thing about them. I do love being in the presence of someone that makes me laugh so I could see myself getting along with them.

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    1. Throne would definitely keep us laughing. There’d never be a dull moment with him.
      I’m hearing a lot of good things about Richelle Mead’s work. I’ll have to check those books out at some point.


  2. I LOVE INEJ. I almost have a crush on her. She’s just so strong and brave and determined – kind of how I would want to be?

    … And unfortunately I haven’t read the other books apart from The Raven Cycle and These Broken Stars, but I definitely want to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone soon. ❤ I heard it's a fantastic series.

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    1. I feel like Inej is my soul sister. She’s just an amazing character and I love the hope she carries.
      Daughter of Smoke and Bone was a stunning read. The world building is so vivid and the relationship between Karou and Akiva is beautifully developed.


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