Waiting on Wednesday: Wait for Me

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

30037877This week I am waiting on
Wait for Me by Caroline Leech

Publication Date:  January 31st 2017

Goodreads Summary
Set on a Scottish farm in the spring of 1945, Wait for Me begins as Paul, a severely burned German prisoner-of-war, is sent to the farm to work. Lorna, the farmer’s teenage daughter, soon discovers that in wartime, your family and your allies might not actually be your friends, and your enemy might turn out to be the love of your life. Lorna’s friendship with Paul, and their developing love for each other, is challenged by Lorna’s own prejudices and by the intolerance of her soldier brother and her friends in the village. Ultimately, the events which bring peace to Europe will tear Lorna and Paul apart. What will Lorna have to give up in order to find Paul again?

My heart is already feeling fluttery after reading the synopsis. 2016 has been a good year for historical fiction and I am so excited to see that 2017 will be keeping the momentum going. I’m a sucker for a good World War story; they always provoke an emotional reaction from me. I love this forbidden love angle we’ll be exploring between Paul and Lorna and I am very interested in seeing how society and their prejudices affect our characters and their relationship. I am also hoping to see some interesting family dynamics with Lorna and her soldier brother. Basically I need this book to magically appear in my hands this very instant. 

What’s your most anticipated book?

14 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday: Wait for Me

  1. I can’t wait to read this one as well for the exact reasons you mentioned, Lois. There’s just something about a historical setting that I find irresistible.
    I hope we both love it and that the book delivers!

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      1. haha in typical Welsh weather it has been pouring it down but it makes for good reading weather. I genuinely cannot wait to read your book. Should I get the tissues ready? 😀


    1. I use to avoid historical fiction because I did a history degree and when books would cover events I studied I always feared I’d be far too critical of the accuracy. Thankfully now I can appreciate the books for what they are and the emotion they bring to their story. I’m so excited for this book. 😀


    1. I think there’s something so wonderful about World War stories that try to find the hope among all the tragedy and this story gives me that good feeling. I hope you’re able to get a copy of this book and that you enjoy it. 😀


  2. I read this blurb a while ago and forgot about it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention again! I’ll be adding it to my Goodreads shelf so I don’t forget it again. Nice pick!

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    1. Always happy to be of service haha. I’d seen this book on goodreads for a while but I never actually read the blurb until last week and I was hooked. 😀


  3. I can’t believe this but I don’t think I’ve picked up a single historical fiction book in 2016 yet… This one sounds so heartbreaking and romantic though, so I’m going to have to add this to my Goodreads TBR, for sure. Also, the premise reminds me of The Winner’s Curse (well kind of), which you should definitely read soon, Lois! 😉

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    1. I usually only read one historic novel a year and I don’t know where this sudden urge to read historical fiction has come from but I can’t complain. 😛
      I promise you I will be reading The Winner’s Trilogy soon. I am almost bursting with excitement to meet Kestrel and Arin. My shipper’s heart is ready!!!

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