Top Ten Tuesday: Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we get a new topic for a top 10 list.

Hello everyone. Hope your Tuesday’s being kind to you. This weeks topic is basically one big get to know you session. I’m a pretty simple person really but I do have my quirks. So here are 10 facts about me. I hope I don’t scare you off by the end. 😛

ss1. I wasn’t always a reader: Yes, you heard right. In fact it was only until I was about 16/17 that I actually got into reading. Not reading was my rebellion in school. I hated being told what to read and I could never immerse myself in the books because I knew that I had to take notes, analyse, revise and then write an essay/exam on the book. However, as I approached my final years of school I decided to pick up the Hunger Games and it was that series that turned me into the reader I am today.

2. I am fluent in Welsh: 
Contrary to popular belief, Welsh is not a dead/dying language and my family is living proof of that. I was born and raised in a small Welsh village and Welsh is my first language. Cymru am Byth.

giphy13. I’m an optimist at heart: We have enough negativity in the world so I try to look at the bright side of life instead of the doom and gloom. I just think that a smile can go a long way.

4. I truly believe that we are NEVER too old for Disney: 
You can’t outgrow the classic disney films. They are legendary. They have the best tunes, tear-jerking moments and some moments of pure comedy gold. My go-to Disney films are:

  • Lion King
  • Basil, the Great Mouse Detective
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Mulan
  • Tarzan – purely for the soundtrack.
  • Robin Hood

5. I’m a History Graduate: 
I’ve always been fascinated by history and when it came to university I was 90% certain that I would do a History degree. I like seeing how the events of the past helped shaped our present. My favourite time period has to be the Middle Ages. However, despite this interest in history I can’t say that I will go down a history based career path. I don’t have the patience to dedicate my entire life to just one period/event/history figure.

tom_hiddleston_38806. I’m a tea drinker: How typically British of me. To me, a good cup of tea and the pitter patter of rain is the perfect reading weather. It just screams cosy, especially when you’ve wrapped yourself in a blanket.

7. I despise love triangles: 
This is a well known fact. These days I have zero tolerance for triangles. I just don’t believe in them and I hate the fact that in most scenarios the two interests are always pitted against each other and are put down to make themselves look the better option. Plus the shipper wars are just tiring and some of the wars I’ve seen are downright vicious and off putting. No, thank you.

8. I’m an introvert with extrovert tendencies: 
When you first meet me I can come across as shy but once I get to know you I will loosen up a bit and if that happens you will find it hard to shut me up. But after going to a big social event I like to spend the next day just relaxing and enjoying my own company. It’s all about balance. I like to have fun with my friends but I also like my “me” time.

9. I think Vampires are overrated: 
With the exception of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I’m not a fan of Vampires. When it comes down to the mythology surrounding them I find them to be pretty lacking. There’s not a lot you can do with them and they’re so overused. That “sparkling vampire” phase didn’t really help the cause either.

10. I love re-reading books: 
There are so many benefits that come with re-reading your favourite books. To start, it’s like reacquainting with an old friend and it’s so comforting when you can just sit back and relive their journey from beginning to end. I also find them to be a great cure for when that dreaded book slump hits. 

There you have it. 10 facts to get to know me better.
If there’s anything else you’d like to know about me all you have to do is ask.
I’m basically an open book. 😉


41 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Facts About Me

  1. I’ve always been a reader, but I wonder how many readers started reading because of popular series like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and dare I say it, Twilight? Like Twilight especially gets a bad rep but I think it’s definitely been a gateway to reading for some of my friends. 😛

    On another note, I don’t think I’ve actually ever heard of Welsh being spoken in real life. I WANT TO, THOUGH. And Wales is so pretty.

    And since you said that all I have to do is ask… what kind of a career path do you see yourself pursuing? I know this is like the world’s most hated question for young adults (I hate it myself) but I wonder this about everyone who pursues a degree they’re not sure they’re going to use in their career, especially since I might be one of those people, haha.

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    1. I love re-reading books too! You did start being a reader later than a lot of people but thank goodness it happened. Analyzing books and then being forced to write essays about them can really kill the fun of reading, especially for people who are reluctant to read.

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    2. I can’t call myself a Twilight fan but I can definitely appreciate it for what it’s done for the reading community. As much as people hate on those franchise series they’re a great way of encouraging young readers to read.

      All the more reason to come to Wales. I’ll even make some Welsh cakes for you 😛

      At the moment I’m floating. I don’t really know what I want to do, maybe journalism or something to do with social media. Basically I’m searching for options and in between all that making traveling plans haha. I will never regret my degree choice though because I loved it and even if I don’t go down a history based career path, the skills I’ve learnt over the course of those three years can be applied to anything.


      1. I wouldn’t call myself a Twilight fan either but I actually liked those books when I first read them as a teen, haha. Now though I can see what was so wrong about them. And yes for Welsh cakes! What are those like? 😛

        I thought I wanted to do journalism too but I just don’t have that bone in my body, it turns out. I like fiction writing and blogging but I don’t particularly care about… er, current events, beyond my personal realm of interests, haha. Plus truthfully I like money and I feel like it’ll be hard to make lots of it working as a journalist where I am. Anyway, I think history as a degree is so useful – I kind of wish I did something a bit like it (I did comms).

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        1. Welsh cakes are basically flat scones. They’re such a heavenly delight especially if you spread some butter on the top while it’s still warm. YUMMY!

          That’s the thing, I also want to be financially secure in the future and so it’s just a matter of finding something that I enjoy and that utilizes whatever skills I have to the max. Ugh this adulting stuff is hard.


          1. It looks goooood, like mini pancakes! I can only imagine how good it tastes, haha.

            ADULTING IS SO HARD. I used to think I’ll have it all figured out by [insert target age] and then I reach that target age and I still don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with my life. There’s where to live, where to work, what to do, how to make money, which house to buy, am I even going to buy a house, can I afford it, etc. etc. ;__;

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          2. That’s basically what they are and they’re sooooo good.
            Ugh all those questions. If I could avoid adulthood I would. There’s so much to consider and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed.


  2. Sheldon!! I love Jim Parsons and Sheldon’s character in BBT. I already love where this post is going, haha. That is so amazing you’re fluent in Welsh! I knew it still existed because… well, Will Heronadle is a Welsh shadowhunter. I know you said you’re not ready… but I still feel like you need to read it to meet him; also he speaks some Welsh in the books. You should tell me how accurate he is with that. 😉 Oh gosh, I have to admit that vampire books are my ultimate guilty pleasure reads. They always manage to get me out of my reading slumps, but I do see what you mean by the lack of imagination when it comes to mythology and background. ^.^ And we share so many Disney favorites! Have you seen the more modern ones like Tangled? That Rapunzel retelling is my favorite modern Disney film. 😀

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    1. Quite a few people have informed me of Will’s Welsh origins and his birth place, Dolgellau is literally only an hour away from my home, as is Cadair Idris, which I’m told has a special meaning for TDI fans. So if you fancy a site seeing tour of North Wales, i’m your girl. 😛

      I can definitely see why people enjoy the Vampires but I have to say I’m more of an angel kind of girl haha.

      Tangled is adorable and so much better than Frozen which is so overrated. I love Big Hero 6 as well, despite my bitterness over a certain character death. I need to get myself a cuddly Baymax haha.


    1. Tea makes everything better haha. I try to be an optimist most of the time but I still have my off days, especially when my computer refuses to co-operate with me. 😛


    1. If the love triangle was in the background I might be able to tolerate it but I’ve just read too many books that overlook the plot and good character development in favour of the triangle.


  3. I completely agree with all of these! Disney is the absolute best no matter your age, and I loathe love triangles as well. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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    1. You are never too old for Disney. Seriously when I was in university, Disney days were a weekly occurrence haha. DOWN WITH THE LOVE TRIANGLES. Such a pointless trope and it never works out well.


    1. i considered doing a join degree with journalism but I didn’t in the end haha. Disney films are enjoyable for everyone, no matter your age. I could easily go on a rant on how much I hate love triangles haha.


  4. I love history! Deep down inside, it was what I wanted to study at university, but I went with science instead. Things didn’t go as I wanted, so now I’m majoring in medical science and minoring in classical studies! I love anything Greek or Roman, but the Middle Ages and Ancient Egypt are definitely up there as well!

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    1. I briefly covered the Romans but it was more from an archaeological perspective, which sadly wasn’t as fun. I would have loved to studied the classics in more depth as well, Greek mythology will always be a favourite of mine. I’ve always found science interesting but my brain doesn’t work well with all the technical, scientific calculations haha.

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      1. Greek mythology is my favourite! I took a whole course on it last year and I’m taking a course on Latin epics this year! I wish I could have taken more courses on the Middle Ages though. Sometimes (lol most of the time), I can’t handle the science either

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        1. That’s the thing with history, there’s just such a vast amount of periods/issues to cover you simply can’t just pick one haha. I debated taking a Latin course but decided against it in the end unfortunately.

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    1. haha it’s amazing how diverse this community is. We all have a different language or culture but we’ve all come together for our love of reading. It’s amazing.


  5. I wasn’t always a reader too, for the same reasons as you. I even refused to say I liked an assigned book haha. When I saw Welsh, I immediately thought of Will Herondale from Clare’s Infernal Devices haha but that it so cool! I know I will never outgrow Disney! Great list 😀

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    1. haha yes. I was so stubborn in school. English literature was one of my favourite classes but I still refused to enjoy the reading. Will Herondale’s name has popped up a few times and based on the quotes I’ve read by him I think I’d love the guy. Now I just need to muster the courage to read TDI. 😛

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