Top Ten Tuesday: Characters to be Stranded on an Island with.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we get a new topic for a top 10 list.

Freebie week. I’m usually stumped by these freebies because I can never seem to find a topic. However, after watching Wall-E, I got to thinking. If I was stranded on an island/planet/anywhere, who would I want with me. So here are the 10 characters I’d like to be stranded with.

top 10 desert island.png

1. Perry: Under the Never Sky: He’s resourceful. He was born and raised in a tribal community and in order to survive they needed to understand the land they inhabit. So he would be an ideal person to be stranded with and if his best friend, Roar happens to be with him all the better.

2. Finnick: The Hunger Games: I think he’d be good for moral. His charm and energy would keep me positive and sane. Plus he can fish, so when it comes to food we’ll be covered if we’re by the water.

3. Annabeth Chase: Percy Jackon and the Olympians: We all need a wise girl in our company. Annabeth will be the brains of this pack. She can analyse our predicament and come to the logical conclusion on the best ways to survive. On top of that she has displayed some serious skills in her adventures with Percy and survived the pits of Tartarus so we’re in good hands.

4. Penryn: Penryn and the End of Days: Adaptable. Pernyn has proven that she can adapt to whatever scenario or problem she’s faced with. Plus she’s loyal and will fight for those she loves no matter what. 

5. Sevro au barca: Red Rising: I need my howler. This crazy but amazing guy is a survivor. He may have some unorthodox methods but they are just what we need.

6. Nym: Storm Siren: Having a woman with elemental abilities will always be a plus. Nym can manipulate the weather to suit or needs and ensure we survive. She can control her abilities now so I trust her to know her limits. 

7. Tarver Merendsen: Starbound Trilogy: My soldier. ❤ He’s already survived living a desolate planet so he would be the ideal partner. He can adapt to the landscape and use his military training and discipline to stop us from slipping.

8. Inej Ghafa: Six of Crows: She’s a survivor and she can scale those impossible tall structures. Plus if Inej was stranded, a certain Kaz Brekker would go above and beyond to get her back and if he doesn’t kill me I’d follow them. 

9. Finnikin: Lumatere Chronicles: My loyal, resourceful beautiful man. He’s traveled through every possible terrain you could imagine. He has suffered some incredibly tough losses but he keeps going and finds hope even when their is none. So not only can he use his skills to ensure our survival but he can also be another moral boost.

10. Joana: Salt to the Sea: She has medical training and when your stranded in an unfamiliar landscape there’s bound to be some accidents. So we’re definitely going to need her by our side. On top of that, she has a very calming presence and if there was ever any conflict she would be a great peacemaker. 

Those are the characters I’d love to be stranded with.
Which characters would you like to be stranded on an island with?

30 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters to be Stranded on an Island with.

    1. Katniss and Hermione would be great character’s to be stranded with. They’re both so skillful and have proven time and time again that they are survivors. 😀


    1. Perry will always be one of my top guys. He’s can do everything. He can take control o the situation. he’s resourceful and is very nice to look at haha. 😛


  1. These are some great choices! I would definitely want to be stranded on an island with Annabeth Chase. I’d most likely be a mess, so I’d need someone to knock some sense into me, haha 😛

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    1. Joana is the ultimate peacekeeper a must need for the panic and break downs that’ll happen on a stranded island. Oooh you’d definitely have the advantage with Anna and TJ and I’ve now got another book to add to the tbr pile haha.


    1. haha at least this list can serve as a tbr list as well. 😛 I would be foolish to not have Finnick by my side. I’d need something nice to look at while we survive.


    1. Katsa!!! How could I forget about her. She would definitely be a great person to be stranded with. I;m going to have to go re-read Graceling now. 😀


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