Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Like to Revisit

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we get a new topic for a top 10 list.

I am always thinking about the what ifs after I finish a book. I like coming up with little scenarios or situations I think the characters will face down the line. So this week’s topic is right up my alley. Here are the 10 characters I’d love to revisit down the line. 

top 10 characters i'd like to revisit

1. Jonah Griggs from Jellicoe Road: Out of all the character’s in this book, Jonah was the one I really wanted to learn more about. His past is definitely a heartbreaking tale and I’d just love to see more of his family dynamic. Plus I’m absolutely positive that Taylor will be standing by his side in whatever future they plan.

2. Lilac and Tarver Merendsen from The Starbound Trilogy: These two are relationship goals. For those of you that have read Their Fractured Light, you will know that Tarver and Lilac are central to the events that take place and you also know how their journey ends. Well I for one know that in 10 years time they will still be completely devoted to one another but I would like to see how the changes and events of the final book effected this world.

3. Josh Mitchell and Skylar Evans from I’ll Meet You There: These two deserve a happy ending and I definitely believe they’ll still be together down the line. Naturally they’re going to have some bumps and challenges along the way, especially with Josh still grappling with his PTSD but these two are definitely in it for the long haul.

4. Blue and her Raven Boys from the Raven Cycle: The Raven King in next on my to read list and if I have it my way Blue and her Raven Boys will be driving off into the sunset happy and very much alive and curse-less. 

5. Raffe and Penryn from Penryn and the End of Days: The ending of End of Days had me screaming for more. I’d like to see how Raffe adjusts to a permanent life on earth and more than anything I’d like to see how society looks after the apocalypse. Do they succeed in rebuilding their world or are things still left in chaos?

6. Jude and Noah from I’ll Give You the Sun: My favourite twins. Naturally I believe these two will both be successful artists in their future, their bond will be unbreakable and they’ll both have Oscar and Brian supporting them.

7. Kaz Brekker and his crew from Six of Crows: Now this all depends on the happenings in Crooked Kingdom but in an ideal world each member of the crew will survive and embark on their own adventures after this series and Kaz Brekker will be reunited with his wraith. Sadly I  have this terrible feeling that there will be casualties in the next book.

8. Karou and Akiva from Daughter of Smoke and Bone: I was a little bit disappointed with a Dream of gods and Monsters because I felt that there were too many new plot points being introduced and Karou and Akiva’s dream kind of became lost in the shuffle of things. For that reason I am desperate to check in with these two again and see how their dream looks like in reality. 

9. Sam and Jase from My Life Next Door: There is no doubt in my mind that these two will get their happily every after. These two just fit together in every possible way and I can see them settling down and starting their own family in the future. Plus I’d love to see George all grown up and just more of the Garrett’s in general. 

10. Nastya and Josh from The Sea of Tranquility: These two have seen their fair share of tragedy and while I do think they’ll have set backs I fully believe that their future will be a lot brighter. I can see Nastya rebuilding her relationship with her family and Josh will become part of that family as well. Plus Drew will always be there to offer some friendly advice. 😉

*Notice: I am a firm believer in happy endings so I apologize for my overly optimistic views haha. 

Those are the character I’d love to revisit.
Who would you like to check in with?

22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Like to Revisit

    1. The fact that you’re planning to read them is enough to make me happy haha. 😛 Both I’ll Give You the Sun and The Sea of Tranquility have wonderfully flawed characters and the journey they take is just beautifully crafted. I hope you enjoy them. 😀


  1. SIX OF CROWS! I swear I never get tired of talking about that book, haha! I agree though, my fingers are crossed that everyone makes it out of Crooked Kingdom safe and sound and continue on to live happily ever after. At the very least I NEED Kaz and Inej to make it and get a happy ending or else I may have a small breakdown, haha. Also, I just finished The Dream Thieves and my fingers are crossed so hard that it hurts that Blue and her Raven Boys all make it out of this adventure a-ok. I love them all!!! Lovely list! 🙂

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    1. I feel like people must be getting sick of me mentioning Six of Crows in basically all of my posts but those characters have such a strong hold. I can’t let them go. I refuse to haha. Kaz and Inej deserve a happy ending. I want Inej to meet Kaz Rietveld and meet the boy beneath the dirtyhands persona. I just need these two to get together already!!
      So far The Raven King is delivering on shippy and magical goods but I am still so terrified about the big moment to come.


      1. I’m nervous just thinking about The Raven King! AH! I’m thinking it can’t end terribly or I’m sure it would be all over the place by now.. at least that’s what I tell myself, haha!

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  2. Blargh, I haven’t read any of these books (I need to come out from under the rock I live more often). But I just got my hands on Six of Crows and I’m soooo excited! I love Leigh Bardugo’s writing. I’m lusting after the cover for the Broken Stars because it is. so. stinking. gorgeous. Most of these are totally on my TBR and with summer coming up, I’ll hopefully be getting to them!

    Great list! Here’s my TTT. 😀

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    1. Six of Crows is definitely a good place to start. Those characters are so dark and morally ambiguous. You can’t help but love them haha. The cover for the Starbound trilogy are some of my all time favourites. They’re just so mesmerizing. Here’s hoping you manage to tackle some of these books and that you enjoy them. 😀


    1. the Angelfall series is without a doubt one of my all time favourite Angel series. I just love how dark the books were and that the angels were warriors and not the typical bad boys/cute cherubs.

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    1. Yes. Prequels would make me just as happy. I feel like I need both. Prequels and future check ins/ As long as they get their happy ending I will be happy. *fingers crossed*

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