Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Delights

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we get a new topic for a top 10 list.

Hello everyone. For the last Top Ten Tuesday of April we’re going to be talking about bookish delights. Being a reader definitely has it’s perks and the only real victim in our bookish indulgence is our bank accounts. 😛 So here are my top 10 bookish delights.

1. Stepping into a new adventure


Being a reader means that we are never short on adventures. I love the feeling of getting pulled into a new world that’s full of magic, mystery and badass characters. These adventures also have a tendency to make my wanderlust go wild and one of these days I can literally see myself hopping on a plane to whichever destination the book tells me to go to. 😛

2. The smell of new/old books.


There’s a freshness to the smell of books. It’s like the first step in this new adventure. 

3. Libraries


I think any reader would love to have their own library, preferably Belle’s library haha. Not only do libraries save you money but you can also get completely captivated by the never ending sight of books. 

4. Matching Book Covers


I like consistency so I hate it when you’re in the middle of a series and then all of a sudden they decide to completely remake the covers for the latest books. It makes the collection incomplete and messy and I don’t like looking at the discord. Matching book covers just looks better in every single way.

5. The Hidden Gems


Stumbling across that one book that seems to get lost in the shuffle of all these hyped up books is always a delight. Plus these hidden gems can be your little secret for a time before they’re shoved into the limelight.

6. Maps


Maps help me visualize the world I’m stepping into and it makes it easier for me get immersed in the story. Plus I like tracking the movement of the characters so I’m always flipping back to the maps.

7. Seeing a friend love the book you recommended.


I like recommending books and when I get a message and see the shouty capitals and all the feels they experienced because of the book my little heart gets all excited. 

Call me evil but I also love making people experience the pain and horror’s I endured when reading a book so I tend to recommend those agonizingly heart-breaking books to my friends because I need them to experience that same pain haha.

8. Bookish Merch

want it

Mugs. Pillows. Tote bags. T-Shirts. Notebooks. I want them all. 

9. Book Discussions


I love discussions. I love getting a new perspective on a book topic or a character. Discussions also emphasize the fact that everyone has a different interpretation of the book they read. 

10. Rain


Rainy days = happy days. There is nothing more cosy than curling up in a blanket whilst listening to the pitter-patter of rain. Plus the rain is very fitting when a book emotionally traumatizes you.

Those are my bookish delights? What are yours?

29 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Delights

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes to matching covers! I hate when they start changing covers for newer editions when I started purchasing the older editions. I’m in the predicament right now with a couple series but I try not to think about it or else it starts driving me crazy, haha! Great list!

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    1. I think part of the reason I wait so long to buy series is because of that fear of not having the matching set. It’s like I need that assurance that when I get them they will match and look complete haha.


  2. I could spend hours and hours in a library just browsing. I love when I go in with no intention of really finding anything, but then come out with an arm full of books. I love the maps too! It totally helps me feel like I’m actually part of the world because I can visualize where everything is taking place. Nothing can beat the anticipation of starting a new adventure though. I wish I though of that! Great post!

    My TTT. (:

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    1. Libraries are the best. I remember spending hours in my university library just because it was so cosy there haha. Maps definitely help me visualize the location and it makes it easier for me to get sucked into the world cause I have the map as a basis for the location. The biggest challenge is deciding which adventure to start next. 😛

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  3. Haha, I think I’ve seen book smell on every single list today. It’s so true, though. It’s indescribable. I agree with everything on your list, especially finding hidden gems. I love just looking at books on Goodreads, in hopes I’ll find something new and unheard of. 😀

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    1. haha clearly books just have such an alluring smell, you can’t resist them. 😛 That search for the hidden gem is like a game of hide and seek. I love the chase in finding the book and then I love getting to keep it as my little secret before they take on the world with their magic haha. 😀


    1. YES! When I’m reading a book, especially a fantasy novel, I love that I can flip back to the map so I can track their movement. It helps me visualize the world so much better.


  4. I like matching book covers, though I can usually take them or leave them. What really annoys me is different sized covers–like when a series suddenly starts coming out in trade paperback sizes, when all the books I own are regular paperbacks. My TTT

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    1. Oh yes. I have had that issue on several occasions and it does annoy me. These different sizes just make my shelves look so messy and disorganized haha.


    1. I was so happy to wake up to the rain today. It just makes me feel so warm and cosy inside. Hidden gems are like precious children I nurture before sending them off into the big old world haha. 😛

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  5. GIF GAME ON POINT! I looove all of these and absolutely agree that every book (personally especially fantasy/sci-fi ones) takes you to on new adventure. And libraries are my blood and soul tbh. There’s nothing quite like spending hours in one, just perusing the shelves and reading while surrounded by people who are also doing the same thing. 😛

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    1. Why thank you!! I figured this topic required some representative gifs haha. Oh how I miss my university library. It literally looked and felt like Hogwarts there. Being surrounded by all those old books made me so happy. Plus I often found that the library allowed me to people watch when I got bored of work haha. 😛


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