Infinity Dream Award

infinity dream award

Hello everyone.

As promised, I am making my way through my list of tags/awards. Again, a huge thank you to the wonderful Jesse @ Books At Dawn for nominating me for this award. You’re a star. 🙂


  • Thank and follow the blog that nominated you
  • Tell us 11 facts about you
  • Answer the questions set up for you
  • Nominate 11 people and make questions for them

Facts about me.

  1. I am fluent in both English and Welsh. Despite this I find it hard to learn another language but it doesn’t stop me from trying.
  2. I graduated university with a BA in History.
  3. My family own 4 cats and they basically run the house. 😛
  4. I am a tea drinker, which is so typically British of me haha. My go to tea would be Earl-Grey but in the summer I do love a good lemon iced tea.
  5. The last time I went on a holiday abroad was in the year 2000 when we went to visit family in Canada. So. Much. Fun.
  6. Because of fact #5, my Wanderlust is all over the place right now. My go-to destinations are Australia, Japan, Canada (again), Hawaii, basically I want to see the world!
  7. I believe that you are NEVER too old for Disney films.
  8. My go-to music genre is country but I will listen to anything if it’s good.
  9. I am one of the clumsiest people you will ever meet. I trip over air.
  10. Doritos are my heavenly treats. 
  11. I once had a dream I was being chased by a giant frog. 


1. Name an author who you will always auto buy from. Even if the book is blank.

Victoria Schwab. So far she has constantly delivered and her characters are always so fascinating and complex.

2. What author will you never read from again? Why?

Never say never. However, and this might shock you, but I don’t plan on reading the new shadowhunter novels by Cassandra Clare. The Mortal Instruments didn’t blow me away and I’m just not that interested in her upcoming books.

3. What is your fondest childhood memory?

Tough question because I have quite a lot of memorable memories. I guess one that always stick with me would be the family trip we took to Devon in 2003. My parents, brothers, aunt, uncle and cousins drove down to my aunties place in Exeter and spent a week there just relaxing, sight seeing and all sorts of random fun. 

4. It’s almost Christmas. What book do you want to receive as a present?

Christmas has come and gone but I know exactly what to ask for my birthday. The Raven King comes out the day before my birthday and everyone knows how much I love this series so it would be the perfect book to celebrate the occasion. 😉 

5. What are you most afraid of?

Being buried alive. The thought alone just makes me shiver. 

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

In my perfect little fantasy world, I will be happy and living life to the fullest. I have no definite plans but my main goal is to be happy and free.

7. What is the last movie you have seen in theaters?

Inside Out. Yup, that long ago. I definitely need a cinema trip ASAP.

8. What book would you like to see as a movie?

Vicious by V. E. Schwab. I love the cat and mouse chase between Victor and Eli. The book is fast paced and intense so I think it could translate well on screen.

9. Which book do you regret buying?

The Maze Runner box set. It was a spur of the moment bargain buy and if I’m honest I don’t really have any immediate plans to read them.

10. What do you waste your time on when you know you should be doing something else?

Browsing the internet or playing solitaire. It’s a daily distraction. 

11. Which one of your 5 senses can you live without: sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste? Why?

Can I pass on this one? I feel like each sense has it’s own purpose and I don’t really want to take one away. 

My Questions

1. If you could have coffee with one author, dead or alive, who would you pick?
2. What is your favourite reading spot?
3. Who is your favourite superhero? Why?

4. What is your ultimate holiday destination?
5. Who is your number one book boyfriend?
6. What’s your favourite time of year?
7. What was the last dream you had?
8. If you could time travel to any time in history, where would you go?
9. What is your go-to feel good song?
10. The best book you’ve read this year?
11. Can you pronounce Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch? (This place does exist, I have been there. Google it if you don’t believe me :P)


Alahna @ The Charmer Reader

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Brigitte @ The Book and the Bone

Imogene @ Muggle Books

Jenna @ Reading with Jenna

Liam @ Liam’s Library

Morgan @ Chapter One Book Blog

Morrisa @ Morrisa Reads

Qui @ Qui Reads

Reg @ She Latitude

Sara @ From Once Upon a Shangri-La

*You don’t have to do the tag if you don’t want to*

 If you’ve already done the tag feel free to send me a link to your post. 😀


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    1. It must be a generic thing haha. Tea is wonderful, especially when you have cake with it haha. If the film was done well Vicious would be a film that would keep you on the edge of your seats. 😀

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