Top Ten Tuesday: Books To Read if You Like…

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we get a new topic for a top 10 list.

This week our topic is to suggests books to read if you like a particular author or book. I’ve decided to divide this list into two. Some of my suggestions are obvious but I’ve also tried to include one or two unpredictable picks that makes the list a little bit more interesting.

If you like Anna and the French Kiss, I would recommend these books.
top 10 suggested reads

1. Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour Morgan Matson: Matson’s books are often fun summer adventures that will make you laugh, cry and smile. Not only do you get a swoon-worthy romance, there is also a lot of heart to her books and there are other relationships, such as family & friendship, that play an equally important role in the story.

2. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick: An obvious choice. It’s the characters that take center stage in Huntley’s work and within her books we explore a multitude of different dynamics and explore the way people interact with others and the differences in the nature of their relationships.

3. Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway: Again the characters are at the heart of her work. This books focuses on action and consequences and the way a traumatic event effects an entire community. It’s a story driven by emotion with a focus on the troubles of reconnecting, confusion, betrayal, friendship, family and love.

4. A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall: This is a purely charming book. I found that the concept of having the story told from the people on the outside looking in was such a refreshing and unique reading experience. It’s an easy read, full of humour, charm and quirkiness.

5. Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler: Family, friendship, mystery, love and reconnecting. Those are the components that easily summarises this book.

Next topic. If you liked The Hunger Games, I would recommend these 10 suggested reads 2

6. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey: This series looks at the fallout of an alien invasion. The story is told from multiple perspectives and keeps you on your toes as you’re constantly questioning who you should trust.

7. Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi: Two worlds collide. Here we get a story that looks at two separate worlds; the futuristic and primitive. This is a story built on trust and loyalty and looks at how these two worlds are forced to come together in order to survive.

8. Angelfall by Susan Ee: Angels are not cute cherubs or your typical bad boy in this series. The angels are warriors, and they are both fierce and vengeful. In the middle of an Apocalypse we follow Penryn’s journey and her determination to keep her family safe and the risks she takes in order to survive.

9. Vicious by V. E. Schwab: This story is like a game of cat and mouse. There are no heroes in this book, just two people that believe they’re doing the right thing. This book is full of jealousy, anger, manipulation, suspense and betrayal. It’s the kind of book that will keep you guessing.

10. Red Rising by Pierce Brown: A futuristic society that embodies the brutality of classical civilization. Intense is how I’d summarise this journey. There is no sugarcoating. This world is brutal, harsh and heartbreaking. The characters are far from perfect but that makes them all the more interesting and real.

Those are my recommendations. Tell me, who made it to your list?

24 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books To Read if You Like…

    1. I think Amy & Roger is a hit or miss type of book and Since You’ve Been Gone appears to be the overall favourite Morgan Matson book. Huntley Fitzpatrick may well be in my top 3 favourite contemporary authors list so I’d definitely recommend her books.


    1. I definitely agree with being in the right mood to read certain books. This series does get pretty dark and gruesome but there’s also humour and great snarky remarks. I hope you enjoy the series.


  1. This rec list is totally on point! I adored Vicious and Red Rising so much, I just finished Vicious today and it was AWESOME. I can’t wait for the sequel. I’m also delighted you listed A Little Something Different because I’ve been meaning to check out the book but forgot the title, so thank you so much!!

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    1. There’s a sequel to Vicious!? How am I only just finding this out!! I’m glad the list could be of use and A Little Something Different is the perfect book if you’re looking for a fun, easy read.


    1. This year I’ve been all about Schwab’s books. She really knows how to create an atmosphere and is just a phenomenal writer. I hope you enjoy Vicious. Happy reading. 😀


  2. Great list! I loved A Little Something Different! I can’t wait to read Emmy and Oliver and I’ve had My Life Next Door on my shelves for the longest time. I should pick it up soon!

    I also enjoyed THG, Under the Never Sky, and Angelfall! Thanks for sharing the recommendations!

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  3. Very nice choices! You’re making me more and more anxious to read Red Rising now that you’ve paired it with The Hunger Games 🙂 Especially since I agree with the choices of Angelfall and Under the Never Sky! Fabulous list!


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