Discussion: The Case for Winter Contemporaries

In general, I am more of a fantasy reader than I am a contemporary one. I have to be in a very particular mood to read contemporaries and more often enough I get the urge to read contemporaries in the summer. That is because I find that the majority of contemporary books take place during the summer. Now, I get why author’s often go for the summer romance route; the school year is done, the sun has come out and it’s the perfect time to build up a relationship. However, with all these summer contemporaries, sometimes the story gets a bit too familiar and predictable.

The lack of winter contemporary books baffles me. Throughout my reading experiences, I’ve only ever come across and read three winter contemporary books; two of those books were an anthology of short stories.

Now I don’t know about you guys but the winter season is my favourite time of year. It just embodies all things cosy. It can also be one of the most romantic times of the year. So here is my case for winter contemporaries.

1. Snow: Yes snow is cold, snow is also problematic. However, snow is also beautiful and calming (when inside). There is nothing more romantic than taking a stroll in the falling snow. It’s the perfect excuse to cosy up next to your partner. Snow also provides the perfect excuse to sit inside, in front of the fire, drinking tea and be all cuddly and cute. So whether you’re inside or outside, snow can be utilized as a tool for romance.

2. Christmas: ‘Tis the season to be jolly…I adore Christmas. It’s such a joyful and festive time of year. It’s a time of celebration and decoration. It’s a time to connect with family and friends and quite possibly strike up a new relationship. With all the holiday spirit, it’s the perfect time to open up and start something new. Why not finish the year with a bang. Make it one you’ll remember and embrace the joyful festivities.

3. New Years: Like Christmas, the New Year is a time of celebration, a time to reflect and a time to look ahead. In between all this, the New Year is the perfect opportunity to take a chance on something. It’s a chance to be brave, bold and fearless. It can also be a time to make a fresh start and consider possibilities you never thought twice about before. It’s the perfect setting for a romantic, contemporary tale.

Like I said earlier I’ve only come across three books that completely embrace the winter season. I desperately hope that more authors’ start to jump on the winter bandwagon and I think if I knew about more winter contemporaries, my contemporary reading mood would probably expand to the autumn/winter season.discussion winter contemporaries

Tell me, would you like to read more winter contemporaries? What are your favourite winter contemporaries? Let’s Discuss.

2 thoughts on “Discussion: The Case for Winter Contemporaries

    1. I think one of the reasons people seem hesitant about the winter season is because it’s kind of in the middle of the school year so they’d have to incorporate or work around that road block haha. Winter romances have so much potential and I do hope more authors see the value in this season. Happy reading.


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